Thursday, January 31, 2013


Some days come and go at a nice, even pace.  Then, there are others that seem to slur together whirling by too quickly.  The days suddenly form a week, and then it is February. This post is about the whirling days of home life with little ones.  The dust never gets a chance to settle when two little boys romp around constantly.  I am sure there will be a time when these extended days of "Duck in the Truck", holes in all the knees of blue jeans, and constant trips to the grocery will be nothing more than fuzzy memories.  Sometimes it is hard to treasure them when you really just want to bathe in peace, or sleep without finding a child on your chest in the night.  Sometimes, you even whisper thoughts of, "when they just get big enough to"......but then I pull out the camera.  I capture tidbits of the whirling and growing.  I sit down and pile the thoughts and images together, and it all turns golden and sweet.

We have been going round and round trying to find a new place to call home.  It has been a big chore.  Eighteen short days from now, we have to be completely moved out.  In all the chaos, the bigger boy decided to let a vicious spider take a bite out of him.  A fever, a warm whelp, and a crankiness were all that I had to go on.  It started out the size you see in the photograph.  It only got worse.   He certainly gave us quite the excitement for a few days. Thankfully, we caught it quite early, and three big bottles of medicine later (of which we have almost finished)....we seem to be on the upward path to a full recovery.  It was thought to be a Brown Recluse, but without a wound culture it cannot be confirmed.  The doctor called us at home to check in on him.  I was quite surprised at that, but thankful.  Now our biggest fear is just to not be paranoid about little creatures.

The littlest boy is growing second by second.  He is talking quite a lot now, and with great expression.  He is so animated.  He makes all sorts of faces, demands that piggy, aka "Bacon", be in bed with him every night properly diapered and next to Froggy.  Froggy must be potty trained.  He does not need a diaper.

He and I ride into and out of the city together every morning and afternoon.  He insists on music and apple juice.  He points out every - single - red - truck along the way. He wants to always have the sun roof open in order to see the ducks.  (We only saw ducks once)  This week he has preferred to call us all by our first and last name appropriately.  Although, I am the only one whose first name is Mommy.  The rest are all accurate first names.  We do not know where this came from, or how he even knew to do it.  But, it is quite hilarious. 

Big boy lost a tooth, and started really "reading" this week.  He reads to me almost every night.  It thrills my momma heart.  The next tooth is dangly and ready to fall at any moment. 
The first loss produced quite the dramatics. 

These two love to be together.  They treasure any tiny moment I let them share the iPad, or as the littlest calls it, "Ah-pah"!  I think they ate their weight in spaghetti this week, and I am still cleaning up blue yogurt spilled on the carpet. 

They keep me busy.  They are sweet, wild, and full of noise.  They cry, pout, and stamp their feet.  They make messes and splash out half their bath water.  They hug tight and sleep hard.  Occasionally, they will climb on your lap and giggle.  They are beautiful children that I thank God for every single day.

I foresee much whirling in my future, but that's fine by me. 

B Charmer

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