Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Beginning

It was very warm for January, even for South Carolina.  Lots of girls, makeup, and fluffy things were flying in my room.  I remember putting on Iced Punch Clinque lipstick and Amethyst Frost shadow.  I was wearing borrowed pearls from a friend.  My family flew in from Spain, and the rest drove in from Ohio.  I had Subway with my brother and dad while wearing my veil.

It was my wedding day.

I wrote a song and surprised my father by singing it to him right before he gave me away.  I sang a song to my groom as well.  The church was beautiful with fresh evergreen trees and glittery snow.  White twinkle lights and sweet friends with violins. We had so much fun sharing the moment with our friends and family.  It was a sweet, sweet moment in time. 

We were kids...had no clue what making a life together would be like.

Sometimes, we still don't know what we are doing...but we have a pretty good time figuring it out.  He is my friend, the father to my children, and a trusted confidant.  We came from totally different places.  He was a country boy, and I was a world traveler.  He rode four wheelers and hunted, and I read books and wrote music.  He loved country music, and cowboy hats.  I listened to Public Radio and wore high heels.  Two different worlds, but they collided most unexpectedly.  He was good and sweet.  He went out of his way to take care of me. Somehow, we fell in love.

Today, we celebrate nine years.  I think that is special.  I've taken on his love for country and he shares my love for adventure and traveling.  Not sure I'll ever convert him to public radio, but that's OK by me because he never lets me run out of coffee. 

I still remember this day in July showing off my new engagement ring at his momma's house.  We were just a bit excited!

Let's just see where the next nine years take us.....


~B Charmer


  1. Congratulations! We celebrated our 30th last month and we still enjoy just hanging out together. Best wishes on your next 9 and the 9 after that!

  2. Crazy how time flies! Happy Anniversary! :)


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