Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweetest Things

Sometimes, we need to warm our hearts.  Sweet things usually knock the chill from even the coldest soul. Today, I think I will wrap myself in sweet things.  Want to join me?  I found some most lovely photos that I cannot take one ounce of credit for, however I let the pictures tell me a story.

A soak in the tub.

The feel of a Love slipping their hand around yours without saying any words. 

The fluff of a pillow surrounding your face as the morning sun drips down through the window.

The unmistakable feel of soft, baby skin.  Kissing the rosy cheek of new, little soul is a feeling never to be forgotten.

The giggles of little people hiding under the covers.

Good company.

May your heart be warmed on this January day. 
B Charmer

PS Want more lovely things to look at?  Take a look at this site.

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