Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On Growing Older

Monday was my birthday.  I turned 33.  It seems odd to be ticking off the years. Somedays, it seems appealing to go back in time to younger days.  Most days, I am just fine with where I am.  I feel like the years just add to my wisdom and confidence.  I have a long way to go, but hopefully many  more years to get there. 

I tried to really celebrate a bit yesterday.  Usually, I am kind of low-key on my birthday, but this year was different some how.  I think making it through 32 was an accomplishment.  So, I wanted to honor that achievement of hanging in for one more year...trusting God for one more year. 

Here are some photos from my day.

     I took a bit of an extended lunch break and found a lovely spot in town that I had never been to.  I perused a kitchen store, almost signed up for cooking lessons, and enjoyed an outdoor lunch.  Afterwards, I sipped a delicious organic frozen espresso from the coffee shop in the Whole Foods Market.  I actually enjoyed eyeing the bins of trail mix and aisles of lovely goods that I wish were in my pantry. 
     After I finished my work day, I joined my boys and husband, and we celebrated with a dinner out.  It was so yummy and the boys were so well behaved.  I got the most delicious chocolate cake.  Jackson sat next to me and shared my treat.  I left with chocolate sauce all over my arm from his passionate eating of the cake!  Lincoln enjoyed his share too.
     I put the boys in bed, read our nightly Junie B. book,  and settled in for a good night's rest for me-with the windows open in this spring-like January week we are having.    It was a special, sweet day.  It would be nice to have my former body at age 23- or the energy of 17, but 33 seems just right for right now. 

~B Charmer

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Leah! It sounds like you did have a special day. And I must say that you are aging gracefully (in body and soul)!


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