Thursday, January 17, 2013


Once upon a time, you and I were little. 
We woke up too early on Saturdays.
We laughed in church when we were supposed to be very quiet.
We made messes, lots of them.
We cried when we felt like it.
We could swim all day.
We hated naps.

We played in the dirt.
We ate popsicles outside.
We anticipated the ice cream truck almost as much as Christmas.
We lost balloons that floated away.
We scraped our knees often.
We spent hours on our bikes.

We slept hard.
We played hard.
We talked with our mouths full.
We were tattle tales.
We caught lightning bugs.
We loved Trick or Treat.
We hated when summer break was over.

Then, one day, we grew up. 
We became serious.
We fell in love.
We took jobs.
We got married.
We had children of our own.

And Now...
We get a second go 'round with this magical childhood thing.

B Charmer

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