Thursday, January 31, 2013


Some days come and go at a nice, even pace.  Then, there are others that seem to slur together whirling by too quickly.  The days suddenly form a week, and then it is February. This post is about the whirling days of home life with little ones.  The dust never gets a chance to settle when two little boys romp around constantly.  I am sure there will be a time when these extended days of "Duck in the Truck", holes in all the knees of blue jeans, and constant trips to the grocery will be nothing more than fuzzy memories.  Sometimes it is hard to treasure them when you really just want to bathe in peace, or sleep without finding a child on your chest in the night.  Sometimes, you even whisper thoughts of, "when they just get big enough to"......but then I pull out the camera.  I capture tidbits of the whirling and growing.  I sit down and pile the thoughts and images together, and it all turns golden and sweet.

We have been going round and round trying to find a new place to call home.  It has been a big chore.  Eighteen short days from now, we have to be completely moved out.  In all the chaos, the bigger boy decided to let a vicious spider take a bite out of him.  A fever, a warm whelp, and a crankiness were all that I had to go on.  It started out the size you see in the photograph.  It only got worse.   He certainly gave us quite the excitement for a few days. Thankfully, we caught it quite early, and three big bottles of medicine later (of which we have almost finished)....we seem to be on the upward path to a full recovery.  It was thought to be a Brown Recluse, but without a wound culture it cannot be confirmed.  The doctor called us at home to check in on him.  I was quite surprised at that, but thankful.  Now our biggest fear is just to not be paranoid about little creatures.

The littlest boy is growing second by second.  He is talking quite a lot now, and with great expression.  He is so animated.  He makes all sorts of faces, demands that piggy, aka "Bacon", be in bed with him every night properly diapered and next to Froggy.  Froggy must be potty trained.  He does not need a diaper.

He and I ride into and out of the city together every morning and afternoon.  He insists on music and apple juice.  He points out every - single - red - truck along the way. He wants to always have the sun roof open in order to see the ducks.  (We only saw ducks once)  This week he has preferred to call us all by our first and last name appropriately.  Although, I am the only one whose first name is Mommy.  The rest are all accurate first names.  We do not know where this came from, or how he even knew to do it.  But, it is quite hilarious. 

Big boy lost a tooth, and started really "reading" this week.  He reads to me almost every night.  It thrills my momma heart.  The next tooth is dangly and ready to fall at any moment. 
The first loss produced quite the dramatics. 

These two love to be together.  They treasure any tiny moment I let them share the iPad, or as the littlest calls it, "Ah-pah"!  I think they ate their weight in spaghetti this week, and I am still cleaning up blue yogurt spilled on the carpet. 

They keep me busy.  They are sweet, wild, and full of noise.  They cry, pout, and stamp their feet.  They make messes and splash out half their bath water.  They hug tight and sleep hard.  Occasionally, they will climb on your lap and giggle.  They are beautiful children that I thank God for every single day.

I foresee much whirling in my future, but that's fine by me. 

B Charmer

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What I am Loving...

Life is full of lots of lovely things, and I thought I would share some of my personal favorites of late.

I have extremely dry and sensitive-natural-red-head skin.  I don't like to spend money on frivolous things, but I am LOVING that I splurged on this moisturizer. It has been the highlight of winter for my face. It has truly made all the difference for my face to not feel as those I shrinked my skin three sizes in the shower. If you do not have super dry skin, I would imagine this might make your face feel as though you've applied mayonnaise or something similar.  Therefore, be sure you're sponge ready for some moistly goodness! I am loving Estee Lauder's Hydrationist.

I can't start a day without my Keurig.  I absolutely love Donut Shop regular k-cups. I take mine black and smooth!  A cup for the morning commute into the city, and another once the boys are fast asleep. Oddly enough, coffee gets my motor running in the morning and helps shut me down at night.  It's weird, I know.  I love it!

Who doesn't love Pandora?  I am loving my Amos Lee station.  It seems to fit perfectly with my evening coffee.

I'm also loving that in this moment, we are really enjoying the city.  As far as cities go, our's is pretty small-scale.  However, compared to where we've been, it seems sprawling.  We spent Saturday out as a little family of four enjoying a market, a deli, and stocking up on some organics.   Enjoying the city is special for us because we are space people. We like fields and farms.  We dream of horses and hay. We've been planning our little family farm for almost a decade. One day, I think it will really exist. But for this moment, we are here.  I want to remember our city days as special. So, we are loving the choice and the variety of metro living.

I'm really, and perhaps highest on my list, loving the Community Church we've been attending.  It is very far removed from anything we are accustomed to, but it seems  perfect for where we are in our faith journey. There is something so very beautiful in sharing faith with such a vast array of cultures and generations. It is people coming together in common bond and love. Shared faith is a beautiful thing. It takes me back to younger days when I roamed the world. I love it!

So there...some loves of late.  Some are frivolous, while others are quite essential. If you are so inclined, leave your blog link in the comments, and share a post on what you are loving!  I'd be happy to stop by your site and enjoy your loves!

PS One thing I am NOT loving is my perpetually, never-ending-dry-flaky-sandpaper lips!  If you know the perfect solution, I beg of you to share!!!

Yours Truly,
B Charmer

Friday, January 18, 2013

Moving On

Pretty soon, our place will be filled with boxes and chaos.  We are moving again.  This will be the second move in less than a year.  It is a bit funny that we stayed put for so long, and now we are like little nomads traveling throughout the city. 

I will be honest, I was not happy about moving...again.  I tried so many different ways to fix this, but I finally gave it over to Bigger Hands than mine.  Mostly, I was dreading the thoughts of another temporary home.  I didn't like the idea of  another leased year away in different place that I do not want my boys to call home. 

Then, it hit me...

It's not all bad.  It's good to learn to travel light.  It's good to broaden your horizons.  Its very good to realize that home is truly more about the people than the place...although the place is pretty important.  Mostly, I think the good is that we had to take a leap of faith to get here.  We had to step back from being in control of everything. We let go willingly of our way of life, and held it out with open arms and hands.  We trusted God that He would do His part.  He has.  He gave us great renters, nice housing, and much better health.  So why is it so easy to try and close the same hands shut that were once so willingly open?  I think if I ever truly know the answer to that, I would be levitated straight to heaven.  Not really...I jest.  But, I do know that human nature tends to be fearful and demanding.  It takes a focused effort to not be that way.  Sometimes, I find myself right in the clutches before I even realize it. 
It has been a wild ride, and we are certainly not nearing the end.  I am not even sure if there is an end.  Maybe, it will be when we finally settle in a home again, or maybe we will just realize that the journey is the destination.  Maybe we will become sheep farmers in Northern Maine... that part admittedly is a bit fuzzy, but that is OK.  Sometimes,  fuzzy is better than crystal clear. 

We are dreaming big.  We are working hard.  We are finding purpose in this new place in life.  And, for once we don't have much at all tying us down.  Pretty good -eh?  Now, I just have to remember this on my low days when I take comfort in warm chocolate and drool over the latest edition of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

So, with renewed vigor, I will pack it all up again and make another place home for awhile!   Bring on the boxes! The boys always love them. 

B Charmer

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Once upon a time, you and I were little. 
We woke up too early on Saturdays.
We laughed in church when we were supposed to be very quiet.
We made messes, lots of them.
We cried when we felt like it.
We could swim all day.
We hated naps.

We played in the dirt.
We ate popsicles outside.
We anticipated the ice cream truck almost as much as Christmas.
We lost balloons that floated away.
We scraped our knees often.
We spent hours on our bikes.

We slept hard.
We played hard.
We talked with our mouths full.
We were tattle tales.
We caught lightning bugs.
We loved Trick or Treat.
We hated when summer break was over.

Then, one day, we grew up. 
We became serious.
We fell in love.
We took jobs.
We got married.
We had children of our own.

And Now...
We get a second go 'round with this magical childhood thing.

B Charmer

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On Growing Older

Monday was my birthday.  I turned 33.  It seems odd to be ticking off the years. Somedays, it seems appealing to go back in time to younger days.  Most days, I am just fine with where I am.  I feel like the years just add to my wisdom and confidence.  I have a long way to go, but hopefully many  more years to get there. 

I tried to really celebrate a bit yesterday.  Usually, I am kind of low-key on my birthday, but this year was different some how.  I think making it through 32 was an accomplishment.  So, I wanted to honor that achievement of hanging in for one more year...trusting God for one more year. 

Here are some photos from my day.

     I took a bit of an extended lunch break and found a lovely spot in town that I had never been to.  I perused a kitchen store, almost signed up for cooking lessons, and enjoyed an outdoor lunch.  Afterwards, I sipped a delicious organic frozen espresso from the coffee shop in the Whole Foods Market.  I actually enjoyed eyeing the bins of trail mix and aisles of lovely goods that I wish were in my pantry. 
     After I finished my work day, I joined my boys and husband, and we celebrated with a dinner out.  It was so yummy and the boys were so well behaved.  I got the most delicious chocolate cake.  Jackson sat next to me and shared my treat.  I left with chocolate sauce all over my arm from his passionate eating of the cake!  Lincoln enjoyed his share too.
     I put the boys in bed, read our nightly Junie B. book,  and settled in for a good night's rest for me-with the windows open in this spring-like January week we are having.    It was a special, sweet day.  It would be nice to have my former body at age 23- or the energy of 17, but 33 seems just right for right now. 

~B Charmer

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweetest Things

Sometimes, we need to warm our hearts.  Sweet things usually knock the chill from even the coldest soul. Today, I think I will wrap myself in sweet things.  Want to join me?  I found some most lovely photos that I cannot take one ounce of credit for, however I let the pictures tell me a story.

A soak in the tub.

The feel of a Love slipping their hand around yours without saying any words. 

The fluff of a pillow surrounding your face as the morning sun drips down through the window.

The unmistakable feel of soft, baby skin.  Kissing the rosy cheek of new, little soul is a feeling never to be forgotten.

The giggles of little people hiding under the covers.

Good company.

May your heart be warmed on this January day. 
B Charmer

PS Want more lovely things to look at?  Take a look at this site.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Memory

I was but a girl in Southern France. It was a beautiful summer moment in a market.  I loved hearing the quite chatter of the French language and tasting the treasures.  It has been awhile since I have spanned the ocean.  I would do it tomorrow, but I have a standing engagement with two little boys that look a lot like me.
Someday, I will take them.  They will make their own memories.  For now, I will treasure in mine.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Beginning

It was very warm for January, even for South Carolina.  Lots of girls, makeup, and fluffy things were flying in my room.  I remember putting on Iced Punch Clinque lipstick and Amethyst Frost shadow.  I was wearing borrowed pearls from a friend.  My family flew in from Spain, and the rest drove in from Ohio.  I had Subway with my brother and dad while wearing my veil.

It was my wedding day.

I wrote a song and surprised my father by singing it to him right before he gave me away.  I sang a song to my groom as well.  The church was beautiful with fresh evergreen trees and glittery snow.  White twinkle lights and sweet friends with violins. We had so much fun sharing the moment with our friends and family.  It was a sweet, sweet moment in time. 

We were kids...had no clue what making a life together would be like.

Sometimes, we still don't know what we are doing...but we have a pretty good time figuring it out.  He is my friend, the father to my children, and a trusted confidant.  We came from totally different places.  He was a country boy, and I was a world traveler.  He rode four wheelers and hunted, and I read books and wrote music.  He loved country music, and cowboy hats.  I listened to Public Radio and wore high heels.  Two different worlds, but they collided most unexpectedly.  He was good and sweet.  He went out of his way to take care of me. Somehow, we fell in love.

Today, we celebrate nine years.  I think that is special.  I've taken on his love for country and he shares my love for adventure and traveling.  Not sure I'll ever convert him to public radio, but that's OK by me because he never lets me run out of coffee. 

I still remember this day in July showing off my new engagement ring at his momma's house.  We were just a bit excited!

Let's just see where the next nine years take us.....


~B Charmer

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