Monday, December 3, 2012

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Traditions are the stuff childhood is made of... like the tradition of watching Mr. Roger's neighborhood in the afternoon...way back when PBS was the only choice for kid's television? (I know you are humming the song now!) Holidays sure do have a way of bringing out the traditions, don't they?

I think that we treasure holidays and events because of the traditions that we celebrate.  We look forward to the glow and warmth that comes from the return of Mamaw's fudge, or the perfect apple pie that debuts every Thanksgiving. 

I am trying to preserve some traditions and create new ones for my little guys.  One fun, little tradition that we have is the annual Christmas parade.  Our children have not missed a single one since their birth.  They are really quite cute and silly, but the boys love sitting curbside watching the horses and marching bands.  It seems to be our unofficial--official welcome to Christmas!

We could not let a year pass without seeing the parade.  So, we loaded up and went home for the weekend.  We walked down from Mamma's (my mother) house through the Christmas Tree Lot,  and found our favorite spot.  The boys had a blast. 

As the floats passed and dancers danced, I felt the warmth of community.  I'd like to think that by going to the parade, we are passing down the tradition of loving our neighbors--(cue the Mr. Roger's theme song!)

There is a joy of knowing people and loving people.  Being there to support our locals and to cheer for the home team is a good thing. Community is something bigger than ourselves and is quite lovely.  Maybe we are there for a Christmas parade, but really we are cheering on our fellow friends.  We smile and laugh.  We yell "Merry Christmas!" and by doing so, we are spreading the love of community and teaching our kiddos that one tradition to never let die is community.  That is so much of the Christmas Spirit!

So, bring on the holidays and fudge.  Sing the carols and mail the cards.  Cheer for the home team and spread a little love....

It is tradition, after all!

B Charmer

...and won't you be, please won't you neighbor?

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