Thursday, December 6, 2012

City Grey

I stopped at a crosswalk today to let a dancer pass.  He was leaving the Metro Ballet Company, and hanging from his bag were several pairs of dance shoes. In that tiny moment, I wished I could have leaped from my car and magically traded places.  The freedom to move and jump...the freedom.

These days, freedom exists only in small segments, and then I am generally too worn to enjoy it.  Something must change.  I feel the rush in my heart that change must be on it's way.   Change of heart-- or change of circumstances.  I am not designed for elevators, desk work, and fifteen minute sips of fresh air. 

City scenes on little breaks are my saving grace in the daily war of numbers and phonecalls.  There are hidden treasures all over this town, if you look for them.  I am ever-looking...ever-searching.  I am trying not to drown in the weight --of the wait.  In the meantime, I am trusting my Savior.  And --I am enjoying the beauty and the art of others before me that  also could not sit at a desk. 

B Charmer

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