Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lincoln, Now Playing

I love this boy.  He has brought more joy to my world than I could ever write about.  He changed us all.  He softened us all more, and he grew our hearts by leaps and bounds.  Children truly are a treasure, and each one in the family has their own special place.  His little soul is so comfortable in the world.  He melds so sweetly in any little place.  He finds fascination in nearly everything and is always quick to give a smile.  

I need to be more like him. 

He trusts so easily and forgives in mere seconds.  His cry can burst into giggles while the tears are still rolling down his little cheeks.  He makes me long to push pause on the fleeting moments of life so that I can enjoy his innocence just a bit longer. 

Thank goodness that God above picked our little family to host this special soul.  Our world would not be the same without him.  I know he is a gift, and I relish in every moment discovering Lincoln.

-B Charmer

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