Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Stitch in Time

I walked through an Antique Market today after lunch.  It was a drafty, old downtown building that had buckets in the aisles catching the drips from the leaky roof.  It was so cold, I huddled in my coat and meandered through each booth.  There was something sort of comforting waking through these little time portals to the past.  I saw things from my childhood, things from far before my childhood, and things I know had no age to them at all.  However, a familiar dish here and there and a piece of furniture reminiscent of something in my grandmother's house made me feel sentimental and warm.  I felt oddly close to my aunts in Ohio that have their loves of dishes and pretty things.  I felt the familiar hug of my late Grandma Gladys when I saw stacks of quilts in a cupboard.  All this "stuff" represented life.  Someone's life somewhere...memories and days gone by. 

I am grateful for my memories.  I am grateful for my heritage, and long to preserve some sweet traditions silently handed down --unknowing of their depth and meaning in my life.  I wish I were a quilter, but at least I know each night that I lay beneath the quilt my grandmother labored over when I was just a baby girl. When I feel the softness and warmth, I can almost hear her little, soft laugh.  She was something. 

Maybe I will learn someday the art of quilting.  I know for sure that I will cherish the love that exists from a person's hands busy at work to make a lasting treasure.  I might just go home and pull out old photos, wrap up in the quilt, and revel in the heritage of loveliness that comes from both sides of my family.  And...I just might add that antique market to my list of places to find Christmas treasures.

Be warm tonight and enjoy the loves in your life.

B Charmer

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