Friday, May 4, 2012

Do You Love Me?

My heart has been full of a singular thought lately.  I suppose it is more of a question than a thought, but when I ask the question a million thoughts follow.

Do you love me?

Do you...Love Me.... the God of this universe and the Maker of mankind?  Do you love that I have stamped My image on the face of every person in this world?  Do you love that I love everyone....even that one, that one you find it hard to like?  Do you, you Love Me?

I want to answer yes.  I do answer yes, but I know that my answer is only the beginning. It is one thing to speak of my love for God, but it is entirely different to live out my life showing it to be true.  Love is messy, dangerous, and risky.  Loving like God loves requires that I look at every face I encounter realizing that God made that face and He made that heart.  It requires that my human tendencies and unresolved prejudices be laid to rest.  It requires that I love even when it is uncomfortable, painful, and frustrating. It leaves little room for self-thinking. 

For me personally, it forces me to look at my choices very closely.  What kind of life do I want to live?  How much money do I want to put into my home, my car, my wardrobe?  How much time do I want to spend on the frills of life?  I have to ask these questions if I want to be able to answer the big question.  Do I love God, really love God? Do I love God more than I love myself?

I don't know how to always answer, but I do know how I want to answer.  I know that I want to be more like Him and less like me.  I know that I want others to see His image more than they see mine.  I want my children to learn of loving by watching me demonstrate love.

I do Love Him.  But, I could do a better job of showing it.  I could live closer to His standards and further from mine.  I could look for Him more often.

The Bible tells me that Jesus shows up in unexpected places.  It tells me that when I serve the least among us, that I am serving Him.  It tells me that we all bear His image, even if we are all not His followers.  So, what do I do with that?  What do I do with the treasure of knowing His love?

I am sharing a video of a song that has been on repeat in my heart.  The lyrics so closely match the dialogue going on in my heart between God and me these days.  What now?  That is the question of this song, and it is the question of the hour for me.  What now, what do I do with the treasure of Jesus?  What do I do with this love I know?

Do you love...Him?

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  1. Hi Leah,

    I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but this post really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing your heart. I'm enjoying following along on your God-sized journey. We have our own God-sized journey in the making, and I'm at a little bit of slump and finding myself really not loving well. Thanks for the reminder and challenge.

    Have a terrific day!


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