Friday, April 27, 2012

Moving On

Thank you to everyone that has left encouraging words on the blog and other places. It is soothing to an aching heart. Yesterday was rough with my final attempt to remain in my post rejected. It is very hard not to take it personal, but that is no way to sulk. Personal or not, moving on is where I am, and that is not bad. It is an open door to new adventures. So, chin up and shoulders down is my new stance.

I am entertaining a million ideas of what may be next. Collegues and friends have suggested the challenge of children's books. I certainly have volumes of inspiration at my finger tips. I suppose another choice would be to pack my bags, head to Nashville, and give Carie Underwood some competition...ha ha. One thing is for sure, I am up for the task of finding my niche. Life is simply too short to not dream a bit.

We have had a lot of changes in a short time. In one year, we have had a baby, battled some major health issues, moved to a new city, became landlords, and now the job shift. God has been so faithful along every step, so I really have nothing to worry about! He has a plan, and I cannot imagine the joy in the journey of following Him into the future. His past track record has been impeccable!

So, I'm moving on to the next chapter...and I have good company!

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