Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little Love In A Spoon

     Any meal that begins with sauteing onions and peppers always holds promise for deliciousness. Tonight was no exception.  When the baby picks his plate up from the highchair and tries to lick every last bite, dinner was a success.  These are the times I feel good about the time it takes to plan, shop, prepare, cook, and clean for the family. 
    Honestly, cooking is a job.  As much as I enjoy it, I wish the ingredients would magically make their way to my cupboards.  I wish I didn't feel bad when I forget to check my coupons, and I wish the kitchen had a self-cleaner button located next to the light switch.  Wouldn't it be nice to turn the light off and know that in the magical darkness, sparkly clean things were going on?  Do they make an app for that?
    Lately, cooking has taken on a different meaning for me.  While the chore still exists, I know now how incredibly important it is that I not let myself off the hook.  Restaurants are tempting and tasty.  They are immediate and fulfilling, but they only promise difficulty down the road. For my family, one of the best ways I can show them love is in my kitchen.  When I take time to prepare a meal that meets our new nutritional guidelines, I am showing my love. 
   Not every family has to live within the realm of gluten and sugar free.  But, every family should want to find ways of making good choices in their foods.  We all get used to the convience.  But, I am learning that we are paying a very high price in the long run for the immediate pleasure of someone else doing the cooking. 
Next time you are stirring the pot, or wiping down the stove, remember each spoonful of your time and effort is a heaping helping of love for the ones you care for. 

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