Monday, April 30, 2012

The Beginning

All good ideas have to start somewhere. That is where I am, somewhere in the beginning of something new. My hands can't be idle long.

So, I sewed. My sweet mother guided me through the process, as I sewed my first project. She is the best seamstress I know. I have always hoped somehow her talents were genetically passed on to me. Maybe, just maybe, they were!

     She gave me the tips, taught me some tricks, but left me to my own devices with the machine. She wanted to be sure I could take full credit for my work. I was thrilled with the outcome, and can't wait to tackle more today!

     I call my little apron, Strawberry Pancakes.  I think it is perfect for spring time treat making in the kitchen, like a Saturday breakfast on the porch of strawberry pancakes and snowy powdered sugar...which by the way.... we got to enjoy at Mom's this weekend. 

I love how the ruffle came out.  It was much easier to "ruffle" than I expected.  There is something so nice about making a machine follow your directions, and it coming out so lovely!

So, maybe I'll go to our little Saturday town market with some little treasures to sale.  It's a start, right? 

Who knew...the B Charmer sews!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Moving On

Thank you to everyone that has left encouraging words on the blog and other places. It is soothing to an aching heart. Yesterday was rough with my final attempt to remain in my post rejected. It is very hard not to take it personal, but that is no way to sulk. Personal or not, moving on is where I am, and that is not bad. It is an open door to new adventures. So, chin up and shoulders down is my new stance.

I am entertaining a million ideas of what may be next. Collegues and friends have suggested the challenge of children's books. I certainly have volumes of inspiration at my finger tips. I suppose another choice would be to pack my bags, head to Nashville, and give Carie Underwood some competition...ha ha. One thing is for sure, I am up for the task of finding my niche. Life is simply too short to not dream a bit.

We have had a lot of changes in a short time. In one year, we have had a baby, battled some major health issues, moved to a new city, became landlords, and now the job shift. God has been so faithful along every step, so I really have nothing to worry about! He has a plan, and I cannot imagine the joy in the journey of following Him into the future. His past track record has been impeccable!

So, I'm moving on to the next chapter...and I have good company!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What to Do?

Change is coming. I cannot stop it, heaven knows I've tried. Budget cuts, downsizing, and administrative changes have all but taken my job. I have tried to fight it, but it seems unavoidable. I have to find another job, and my heart hurts. I have loved every moment I have spent in my sweet, little school. I have taught these children the joy of music for several years. I will miss them all dearly. I cannot imagine not being there....but I must. What to do?

I find myself in a peculiar spot. I feel the urging from within to take this time to chart a new course. Part of me wants to lead a crusade to save my music program, while another part says this time is for the seizing. I have been laying my heart out to my Maker and believing He will show me the way. I feel a stirring, but I cannot decipher yet the direction.

You see, I believe that God gives us gifts and loves for a purpose. He fills our souls with passions to use for His kingdom, and for our pleasure. He joys in our using His handiwork in us. What to do with His handiwork in me?

In a perfect world, I could mix all my loves into a casserole dish and watch it rise and bake into a delicious, profitable life for me and our family. My love for writing and cooking, combined with the desire to garden and raise chickens, and my dream to be a little shop owner would go into the recipe. I would love to sell my Nashville friend's honey she will soon have after she masters the art of bee keeping, and be the place to go for the must-have lovely thanksgiving apron. I would garden and prune flowers for display in the shop. There would be lovely music and yummy coffee. Table linens and all things pretty for homemaking would be the jewels of the shop. The boys could come in after school, grab a cookie from the front, and tackle homework in the back. We would be a sweet spot in the village offering smiles and friendship with every receipt. I could write a book or two about faith, home, and family. In the evenings, I could go home to a sweet little cottage and look forward to the ding of the bell when the shop opens in the morning. My mother would be my partner and her talents could be on display as well. Her unique ability to catalogue everything and tidy things perfectly into lovely lists would keep us like a well-oiled machine.

So what to do? How do you make a dream a reality? How do you go from nothing to something? How do you turn inspiration into reality....especially when you need a bit of income in the time being? How do you trust in the gifts that are inside of you?

I look at my hands. They are small, but they are able. God of the universe made them. What will He do with them next? I feel like a child holding them out waiting for a surprise.

I remember so clearly the day my friend captured this image of me and my first baby. My hand and his forming a lifetime bond. I keep seeing this in my mind as I process everything. The difference is, I feel like the tiny fingers gripping the hand of my Creator with the trust that He will care for me. So I wait, and I cling as I ask...what to do?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making It Home

It takes awhile to make a space your own. For me, little spaces at a time help me to feel homey in a new place. A couple of little spaces I am pleased with for now are the office nook and a transition space between the office nook and the dining area.
These pictures are a peak of home for us.

I'd love to see a snapshot of a little space that is home for you! Send me an email with your space and I would love to do a post about friendly spaces!

Send emails to:
I look forward to your pictures!
B Charmer

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little Love In A Spoon

     Any meal that begins with sauteing onions and peppers always holds promise for deliciousness. Tonight was no exception.  When the baby picks his plate up from the highchair and tries to lick every last bite, dinner was a success.  These are the times I feel good about the time it takes to plan, shop, prepare, cook, and clean for the family. 
    Honestly, cooking is a job.  As much as I enjoy it, I wish the ingredients would magically make their way to my cupboards.  I wish I didn't feel bad when I forget to check my coupons, and I wish the kitchen had a self-cleaner button located next to the light switch.  Wouldn't it be nice to turn the light off and know that in the magical darkness, sparkly clean things were going on?  Do they make an app for that?
    Lately, cooking has taken on a different meaning for me.  While the chore still exists, I know now how incredibly important it is that I not let myself off the hook.  Restaurants are tempting and tasty.  They are immediate and fulfilling, but they only promise difficulty down the road. For my family, one of the best ways I can show them love is in my kitchen.  When I take time to prepare a meal that meets our new nutritional guidelines, I am showing my love. 
   Not every family has to live within the realm of gluten and sugar free.  But, every family should want to find ways of making good choices in their foods.  We all get used to the convience.  But, I am learning that we are paying a very high price in the long run for the immediate pleasure of someone else doing the cooking. 
Next time you are stirring the pot, or wiping down the stove, remember each spoonful of your time and effort is a heaping helping of love for the ones you care for. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Little Garden

We have left our cottage and all of it's green. That doesn't mean I can't have a little space for green things.

A balcony garden is sweet right now. It promises a nice place for coffee and the flicker of an evening candle.

I am only in the beginning of making this my space, but soon enough the pots will fill and the colors will overflow.

  If you were here, we would chat about spring and favorite books. It is a little garden, but it will do just fine till I find my own grass again.

~B Charmer

Monday, April 2, 2012


Our smallest celebrated his first birthday. This past year with him has been the sweetest. He bubbles with personality and smiles almost always.

He came so quietly into the world. I can still hear his little squeak he made moments after delivery. He barely cried. It was as if he was saying, "I can handle this life thing just fine!"

He slept so well and cuddled so sweetly. He was a joy in every way.

As he has grown, he still sleeps wonderfully. He doesn't cuddle much, but he will freely give you his love.

He is fiercely independent and has a bit of a temper, but I believe he will be a leader some day.

I love him so, and his smile lights up the room. I thank God for this little boy. I pray I will lead him rightly in the ways of the Lord, and help him use his gifts for God.

Happy birthday my little Lincoln. What a joy you are!

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