Monday, March 19, 2012


My take on a Gluten Free Dinner with the Amazing Sweet Potato!
     Our new doctor is from Ghana, Africa. I think he is pretty neat. Since my husband and I both spent time in that part of the world, we have enjoyed beginning this new way of life with him guiding the way. He communicates with us weekly through email, and he has his own vitamin shoppe where one can find an array of neat things that are not on many store shelves. He seems more like a doctor of the past, and I think that is wonderful. He has a totally different approach to medicine. He terms it practical medicine, which simply means do not come to him for a prescription, rather come to him to discover why your body is doing whatever it is doing and fix the problem as naturally as possible. If medicine is necessary, then he he will prescribe.
      The challenge for us is going gluten free and low glycemic at the same time. Finding products that meet both criteria can be a bit challenging. Gluten free options exist. Gluten free and sugar free....uh forget about it. We have been eating mostly veggies and proteins, but we all need carbohydrates, especially the boys. It is challenging.

     The doctor wants to eventually test both boys for this same condition because it is quite hereditary, and if they have knowing may prevent them from developing diabetes! The studies on this are still in the early stages, but the findings have been pretty neat. The testing is expensive, and we are already living the lifestyle for Kevin.   Eventually, we will have them tested to be sure. Both our babies had allergy issues when they were small. Lincoln especially shows signs of heading this direction due to the protein allergy he was diagnosed with in his first few months. Being healthy in our food choices all the time has to be a way of life for us. Eating out now is rare and difficult. The price is too high to pay not to do our best. We know what life is like living back in our "dark ages". I can give up a lot things if it means not returning there.

     So, I am on a food mission. I am going to find ways to have good carbs that are both gluten free and as close to sugar free as possible. I have read so much already, and I have combed recipes. I think Food network needs a gal like me to give families out there viable options....I just got to find them first! Watch out Paula and Giada....I'm coming after ya! 

B Charmer

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