Wednesday, December 7, 2011

He Doesn't

He doesn't drink coffee very often.  But, he always remembers when I am out, and he makes special trips to get me more... without me even asking. 

He doesn't find it an utter joy to be in a cozy corner reading for hours like I do.  But, I love seeing his glasses on a book by his side table after he has gone to sleep.

He doesn't like it that he has to wear glasses.  But, I like that he does.  He wears them well.

He doesn't cook gourmet meals...or cook much at all.  But, we all get a kick out of his dinners when the mood strikes him!

He doesn't care too much for chick flicks, but he will put a log on the fire and watch one with me now and then anyway.

He doesn't have the patience of Job, but he will lay in the floor for hours and be the perfect climbing toy for two baby boys. 

For every single doesn't...

there are a million does.

My heart loves all he does.


  1. Hey Leah!
    I love Posie gets cozy!! :) I was so terribly sad when they weren't able to get the sweet baby girl.
    I've been reading your blog for awhile! I found you through Melissa's blog. I love red-headed kiddos!!!

  2. What a wonderful, warm tribute to the man in your life!


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