Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Story Must Wait

Did you know that when computers die it is kind of sad?  Do you know I feel like I am betraying my old friend by typing a blog post from a new laptop?  I should be grateful and thankful that we were able to sacrifice and make the new purchase.  However, I am sad and a bit disheartened at trying to make this new machine as friendly as my last.  Relationships take time, I suppose...even relationships with technology.  My late night friend that kept me company while my babies were wired will be missed.  Oh the questions I googled, the stories I read, and the friends I found through that little laptop.  I loved sitting down with her...(yes, I decided my machine was of the feminine persuasion). My laptop, my cup of coffee, and a cozy seat was a respite for me.  Yes, the show goes on.  Yes, it is just a computer.  But many thoughts were shared, pictures stored, memories made, and words were brought to life through my time with my little piece of electricity. Ahh...she will be missed.  Until I can get my backup files in hand, the tree story will have to wait.  I cannot tell it without the pictures.  It would just not be the same.  From now until then, I will be trying to learn to love my new HP.

....RIP dear Acer.

~ B Charmer

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