Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Story Must Wait

Did you know that when computers die it is kind of sad?  Do you know I feel like I am betraying my old friend by typing a blog post from a new laptop?  I should be grateful and thankful that we were able to sacrifice and make the new purchase.  However, I am sad and a bit disheartened at trying to make this new machine as friendly as my last.  Relationships take time, I suppose...even relationships with technology.  My late night friend that kept me company while my babies were wired will be missed.  Oh the questions I googled, the stories I read, and the friends I found through that little laptop.  I loved sitting down with her...(yes, I decided my machine was of the feminine persuasion). My laptop, my cup of coffee, and a cozy seat was a respite for me.  Yes, the show goes on.  Yes, it is just a computer.  But many thoughts were shared, pictures stored, memories made, and words were brought to life through my time with my little piece of electricity. Ahh...she will be missed.  Until I can get my backup files in hand, the tree story will have to wait.  I cannot tell it without the pictures.  It would just not be the same.  From now until then, I will be trying to learn to love my new HP.

....RIP dear Acer.

~ B Charmer

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Down She Falls

I mentioned that the tree fell...

Here is her story.

She used to stand very tall over our home. A Live Oak that my husband would say began to grow shortly after Noah's flood.  Seeing as our home is 110 years old, I would have to say it came with the house.

You can see her hanging over the entire left side of our home in this picture from last winter.
She was lovely, at first.
Then we really got to know her.  She was dirty and messy and a haven for spiders.
She constantly dropped limbs and leaves.  Live Oaks do that...all the time.
She was expensive.  We tried to have her tamed, and could not afford to level her.
Then, she showed her power by dropping a big ole limb on the roof.
At first, I was angry, but then I kinda liked her for it.
She got us a brand new...$20,000 + ...entire top of our home... for the cost of our insurance deductible.

But it gave me worry.  Worry that she might drop again.  Another drop might do more than mess up the roof.  It might take the house.  She was certainly larger than our home.  We tried again to have her brought down or tamed.  Money for the tree was running out seeing as how the roof wasn't free.
I prayed about it.  I fretted about it.  I prayed some more. Mostly, I felt guilty for having a new roof and an old tree still there, hanging above it.
Then, one night God stepped in.  It was a calm night.  No storms, no wind, no rain.  We were home on the couch working a puzzle with Jack.
We all heard it.  We all ran outside, babies in tow.  We feared the worst and got the best.
It came down...entirely in the most perfect place a tree could fall. 
She missed the truck parked under her.  She missed the water line running beside her.  She missed the electric lines that her now down branches nearly touched.  She landed in an empty lot.  A monster brought down.  Or as I like to think...gently pushed over by a loving God that knew how I feared the tree. There, in the night...a miracle.  For no reason, a tree fell just where it needed to... one day after the roofers left.

But...that is not the end of her story...

There is more to come!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

They Grow

They were babies...both of them.

They grow, and grow, and nothing I do can slow it down.

Babies...turned brothers...

~B Charmer

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