Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh My...

Lately, the road has been full of curves.  I feel I have left a good friend behind when I cannot spend a bit of time here.  It is quite late now, and I should be sleeping.  However, I wanted to check in for moment.  I have so many blog posts piling up inside this noggin of mine...and camera.  There are things to share, pictures to see, and stories to tell.  Here is the running list of "things" piling in the brain...

1. The fell...all the way act of God.  It did not hit our home or even touch the new roof.  There are a gazillion stories around this topic. The tree has brought the community to our doorsteps...the tree....

2.  Lincoln has been diagnosed with a milk protein allergy.  It makes a lot of puzzle pieces fit better.  We now know why nursing was nearly impossible.  In the process we have discovered he is quite allergic to soy, as well. Fun times.

3. Moving the house all around...again.  Change is in the air here..long story, but have you ever moved in your own home?  Just. As. Much. Work...Minus the truck.

4. Knee deep in Christmas program planning.  Loving my classes.  LOVING my job and my time at home.

5. Husband STILL commuting an hour and a half one way everyday = feeling like a single mother during the week...except for the laundry that proves someone here wears bigger pants than me! Ha Ha

6.  Being blown away at how God provides.  Blown. Away. 

7.  Being a part of the mission church here in town.  We had 21 in Sunday School this week!  Being on mission is so exciting.

8.  The adventure of raising boys.  Enough Said.

Oh my, lots to share...lots to share.  I will be back! In the meantime, here is a photo of my pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. We were made for fall...our little orange heads just match!

And for the record...I have no idea what the gal in the background is wearing except that the pumpkin patch is next door to a dance I am hoping she came from there!

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  1. Bless your heart. I also have a long-commuting better half, but my kiddos are way taller and more self-sufficient than yours. I know you know this by heart, but drink up these fast and fleeting days - and catch sleep whenever you can. Everything else is secondary. (Until the laundry pile is taller than you. Then it becomes relatively important :-)


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