Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Farm

A couple of weeks ago, we loaded the boys up and took a trip to the local farm that supports a lot of our community.  They are really the only large, commercial farm that hosts berry picking, fall festivals, peach groves, and so much more.  It is just up the road a bit and past the Alligator Rural water tower.  McLeod is the name.  For those not from this area, it is pronounced " Mc Cloud".  It is a sweet place complete with a grocery of their home-grown products. We took a hay ride through the peach groves to the corn fields.  We adventured through the maze, and enjoyed a trip through the grocery on our way out. I will let the pictures tell the story.

Then we ventured indoors.  We saw some familiar faces and enjoyed the sites and smells of the season's freshest goods.  Just looking at the surplus of deliciousness makes me feel so very grateful to be alive, be in this wonderful country, and be loved by a Creator that thinks of me...and my love for the country and peaches.

Yum...I could fill a paper sack or two with all these goodies. Come see us sometime and we will take you to the farm for some goodies of your own! Or, you could visit from the coziness of your internet by clicking here! Happy Farming!

~ B Charmer

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