Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know just how many bags it takes to get two children and one mommy off and running on a school day? 
Today, the answer was six.  One backpack, a lunchbox and a bottle bag for baby, a diaper bag, mom's purse, and the laptop bag make for a completely full car.
Did you know how many times I had to load the dishwasher in one day?
Today, the answer is three...and there are still pans to hand scrub.
Did you know how much sleep a momma like me gets on average? 
Lately the answer is about five hours and that is in between a check or two on baby, a check on the bigger baby, and my own fits of insomnia.
Did you know the noise factor of six men on my completely topless house (on one side)  is enough to make me want to be anywhere but home tomorrow on my day off?
Did you know that I miss my blog and writing, but my sleep deprived brain is lost somewhere in the bottom of one of the six bags that are sitting by the door waiting to be reloaded. 
Did you know that somehow in all the chaos, life is really sweet?  My fellas fill my heart with smiles, and every night during our prayer time I am reminded that these days will swiftly pass.  The bags will be gone, the new roof will be old, and there will still be dishes to do. Thank goodness for cameras, carpenters, and electric dish washers.
So, I am toasting mommas tonight with my mug of now cold coffee...here's to deep breaths, tub soaks, and maybe a little chocolate just for kicks! 

My old blog design seems to fit well for my state of mind today...


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