Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Memory

Do you have days that are just sealed in your memory?  The images so clear that they could never be forgotten? I remember the day this puppy became mine.  I was weeks from marrying my husband.  I was painting the home that we would soon share when he arrived with this little love in the front pocket of his Carhartts.  I melted.  
I remember that day so clearly.  We were so cozy in our little space we would soon share.  All was right with the world.  We loved on her, bought her all the essentials, and just added to the anticipation of sharing our lives together.  It was such an innocent and youthful day.  Little did we know, or care, what adventures were to come in life.  We had our home, our little Lab, and stars in our eyes.
Many years have passed since that day.  We are no longer the kids we were then.  We have since moved several times.  We have changed jobs, lost loved ones, and had babies of our own.  We have done life together for several years.  Many times I look back on that sweet day of puppy and red ribbons.  It makes me smile.
 A While back, we lost our puppy to a disease after having her for seven years. She was the sweetest dog and friend.  I cried like a baby when she left me.  I was brokenhearted. When my husband made it in that evening I ached to see him in those old Carhartt overalls with her little face poking out.  He looked in my eyes, and so clearly I saw him just like I saw him that day.  My love...my friend.  He gave her to me in the beginning, and he buried her for me in the end.  I knew that very moment that I would always see him like I did that sweet day.  

A Memory.
A Promise.
A Lifetime together.
My puppy, Cocoa.

Cocoa's first puppy.
~ B Charmer

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