Monday, August 22, 2011

McBlogger and My McMusic Miracle Story

It is a first.  The heat has driven us out...well, sort of. 
It is a lazy Sunday afternoon, and the baby is napping, cars are going in circles on TV, and the Jack Rabbit is bouncing off the walls.  He needs a place to run around, scream, and burn some little boy energy!  However, it is too hot to really enjoy the outdoors at home.  His little face turns the color of beets in about 2 minutes of outdoor play here in the sunny south.  What is a mom to do?  McBlog, of course!
We are in the cool playland at our local McD's.  He has befriended some other little fellas, and they seem to be chasing down dragons or something.  I get to catch up on blogs and writing. Our faces are still their normal color, so I think it is a win-win!
This past week was whirl-wind week for us.  I am sure most families had a busy week returning to the groove of school schedules.  For me, it marked the end of maternity leave, the end of summer, and the first of leaving the baby in someone elses' care.  Oh, and putting a classroom back together.  Learning this new schedule is going to take some work.  I have decided that moms really are some type of superhero.   It takes so many faculties of my brain just to get everybody where they belong everyday and back home!  I make 3 stops every school morning before 8.  Hopefully, I remember lunches, bottles, diapers, backpacks, computer....and the list goes on.  I am really looking at some organizing ideas to simplify this routine.  It is sort of like packing for a trip every morning, or the night before.  Overall, it is going really well.  I feel very blessed to have my oldest in a great preschool, the baby with a trusted friend, and me working a very doable schedule.  I really could not ask for more.
When I found out about my new schedule, I posted this.  I never shared how it all came to be, so I thought I'd share the whole story.
When we had our first baby, I was working in a law firm.  I had taught for a few years prior, but we moved, and I ended up in the office world.  I knew when I had Jack, that I really wanted to stay home with him.  We had just bought the house we are currently in, and we didn't realize the amount of work it was going to require to make it livable.  So, I put in my notice and worked most of pregnancy with the high hopes of enjoying the life of a stay-at-home mom. 
The rest of the story involves a lot of home project nightmares, job changes for my husband, and some pretty bleak times.  It was getting difficult to make everything work.  We had much more to do in our home than we thought, or the inspection ever led us to believe.  These things were major money drains.  They were all things that HAD to be done.  After a whole year of staying with the baby, I knew I had to go back to work.  We had to change something.  We had to do some things to the house if we kept it, or if we sold it.  I needed a job. 
I applied for so many things.  I heard both the overqualified and underqualified speech so many times, and I was getting discouraged.  I needed something, anything to help us out.  When the summer came around, and I still had not found work, I started going to EVERY private school in the area to see if they had any openings.  I will never forget how it all played out. 
I finally got an interview.  I was trying to forget the feelings that I was having about leaving my baby and just focus on the moment at hand.  I prayed so hard.  I don't know that I have ever prayed so earnestly in all my life.  When I went to the interview, it was all I could do to speak.  It wasn't nerves over the job, rather it was nerves on this job not working out, as well.  I kept reminding God how He promised in His word that He would provide.  I told Him that I would trust and know that if cared for the sparrows, then surely He cared for my family. 
The interview went fine.  I waited on the call.  When it came, the principle said he really didn't have any openings that matched my former teaching experience, but if something came along, he would let me know.  My heart started to sink.  I prayed again, right there in my living room beside my piano where I have spent so many tender moments with God.  I poured my heart out to my maker to help me understand His plan.  Moments later, the principle called back.  He said that fourth grade was available, and if I were willing to try something new, he would be happy to have me.  I KNEW without any doubt that it was an answer to prayer. 
I had less than two weeks to find care for the baby.  What a crazy experience that was, but I just kept telling myself that God had figured things out so far, and He would just keep doing it.  Then, the next worry was the pay issue.  I was told that paychecks were only given monthly, and I would have to work two months before I would be on payroll.  What were we going to do?  How was it all going to work?  I started to fear, but I just kept rereading God's promises.  I was certain that my job was a gift from God, and that He would find a way to provide.  Then, the miracle happened.  I checked the mail, and there was a large check from the law offices  that we used when we closed on our home over two years prior.  Somehow, there was a mistake, and they owed us money!  This is where the tears came pouring in all over again.  My God provided, and He did it twice.  On the first week of school, my boss said that he had worked some things out, and I would be on payroll immediately, and that I would get my first check in two weeks.  I cannot tell you how affirmed I was in God's provision of this job.  He knew my heart, and how I struggled.  I kept thinking that if I had enough faith things would work out for me to stay home.  He kept whispering to my heart that if I had enough faith, I would trust His plan for our family. 
I am in the beginning of my fourth year at this school.  At the end of my first year, I was asked if I had any musical abilities that I could draw upon to take the music position.  Wow.  God sure is good.  My boss had no idea that I got my start in music and that music was my life.  He did not know the children's choirs I had worked with or my college experience.  Someone just mentioned my name to him, and he asked.  I sent him an email and told him that I felt very deeply that I would be best used in the music classroom. And, the rest is history....sort of!
When Lincoln came into the picture, I didn't know how everything would work out.  Why I even began to worry is ridiculous given God's track record with our family's story.  I got brave, asked to revise my schedule, and the result is so lovely.  I kept a job I loved, managed to afford care for the boys two days a week, and get to be with them the rest of the week.  See, I think God knew we would get to this point, if I would just keep trusting.
How clearly I remember getting my job.  How clearly I remember reminding myself that it was a gift from God during those times when I was unsure.  How sweetly I have watched as God has taken this journey and has brought us all this way in just four years.  I KNOW I am right where I am supposed to be for this moment.  I KNOW that I can trust God with my future, my family, and my faith.  And when I start to doubt, one look at the piano in our home reminds me every time!
Let's make music...

~ B Charmer

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