Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Finds

Well, I had my fun.  Shopping with babies is a bit challenging.  Two minutes in, we had to take a bathroom break which required a sales lady informing me they did not have public restrooms.  She was short and sweet with her statement, but I was determined she did not have children, yet.  Telling a woman with a baby in a stroller and a four year old doing the potty dance, that the nearest bathroom was several (outside) shops down at the Barnes and Nobles was like popping my little shopping bubble.  Little did she know that the book store was supposed to be the treat for behaving in Mommy's store.  Also, she did not realize that the restroom is right beside the children's section...which is THE place for my four year old.  I wasn't unkind at all.  I smiled and said thank you...but all I could think about as we were dashing down the street was her saying that they did not have a public restroom.  We all know what that means. 

After all that commotion and assurance that we WOULD go back to the bookstore, we finally made it back to Mommy's store.  I found it funny that the same helpful lady greeted us into the store moments later without even flinching.  She smiled and said, "welcome to our store, we hope you enjoy shopping with us!"  Even Jack looked at her like she was stuck on repeat or something.  We both sort of chuckled. 

Back to the finds...

I struggled.  I really did.  I wanted to buy at least one pretty thing that just made my day.  I looked and looked.  However, I just could not bring myself to pay the prices on the things I was most interested in.  I combed the sales isle and nothing jumped out at me. I am not sure if that makes me frugal or just plain cheap...but my school teacher salary requires that I get more bang for my buck, if I can at all.  I am not sure why I can advise others to treat themselves but I cannot do it myself. 

But...I was DETERMINED that I was going to do something for myself and find something that made me smile.  And I did.  After I frowned greatly from hearing that this store doesn't carry shoes!! WHAT?? 

OK so I got lucky and snagged this little ensemble in the clearance isle.  This little set was very sweet and feminine.  I did not go to find undergarments, but these are pretty.  The picture makes it hard to tell, but both pieces are made from eyelet.  The only set available just happened to be my exact size!  It was meant to be! 

I blogged about this a while back.  I loved it then, so I decided to make it mine.  Anything worth daydreaming about is worth having.  I can say that it is lovely, and I am thouroughly enjoying my coffee in it as I type.  Insert ahhhhh.

So, I did treat myself.  The cup is full of happiness, and I am sure to feel pretty with my new finds underneath.  All in all, it was a nice shopping boys and all!

~ B Charmer

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