Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Coffee Break

     Well, it is my midweek day off and Jack is at school.  The baby is napping and I barely know how to function in all this quiet!  I should be cleaning, doing laundry, or baking cookies for an after school snack.  Instead, I am enjoying a cup of coffee and thinking about fall.  I hope to decorate outdoors a bit this year.  I love perusing all of the great ideas on the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine website.  I really do enjoy getting this magazine.  It is my only magazine subscription, and I look forward to finding it in my mailbox every month. 

I really like this idea for the front entry.  You can find lots of inspiration for being festive, and you don't have to be a subscriber to enjoy the website.

  Well, I am off to the kitchen!  I promised a little redheaded boy today that we would have jello for our dinner dessert!  Pretty easy to please, but I better get it in the fridge.

~ B Charmer

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