Monday, August 15, 2011


Audrey is smiling because she knew even then that her classic style would outlive her.  When I think of classics, she is at the top of my list.  She has the effortless, beautiful look.  She was always very tailored, yet not overdone.  I see her and think of things like freshly pressed cotton and glossy heels. 

Classic pieces in a great wardrobe are must haves. I am working on rebuilding my wardrobe.  Having babies does a number on a gal and her closet!  I am determined to make my closet reflect a bit more of my personality.  It is time to say goodbye to the elastic-waist-band-comfy pants of maternity and maternity leave.  This working gal needs to revamp her look!  These are some things I think are classics that I am going to re-add to my wardrobe.

A Great Pencil Skirt

This is great to have in black, but having any neutral colors work well.

A Trendy Trench

Trenches come in all shapes, colors, and patterns.  The most important part of the trench is the fit.  Finding the perfect length for your body shape will pay big dividends.  Long trenches generally do little for a great overall look.  Usually, a mid-thigh length trench will look the best. 

A Great Pair of Trousers

The perfect pant for work is definitely the trouser.  Again, the look depends on the shape of your body.  I am only 5'3'', so I want to elongate as much as I can.  I like a little bit of a wider leg with a gentle flare or boot-cut.

A Crisp Button-down
A good shirt will always speak for itself, and it tells everyone that you have it together!

The last piece on my list of classics for today is a good boot.  Boots are perfect for so many outfits.  I like so many different boots, but these represent some good choices.

Ahh, the classics, for me at least.  I am so excited to be working on my collection.  What are your favorite pieces that you can't live without?  I know...I didn't even mention denim, but that is a whole other post! 



  1. i feel like an old lady saying this, but (besides my denim!) my black cardigan is my favorite and i make sure it's constantly clean for me to wear when i want!

  2. Becky...I so have a black cardigan ever ready too!! It is a staple. I just forgot to think of it...old lady just doesn't fit either of us! :)

  3. I have always loved the tailored look, but it fights with my girly curves and short stature. So I have learned to look for pieces that I feel really good wearing. Since I work from home, my everyday wardrobe is pretty basic, but I do like pants and nicer jeans and blouses, whether I have a trip-to-town planned, or not. Scruffy clothes are only donned when I'm headed for a dirty or messy job. I've added a lot of dresses and skirts to my wardrobe over the past year, and I tend to wear them more than ever, even on weekdays. There's something special about strolling into a store - even if it's a grocery store - feeling pretty and stylish. No runway haute couture looks; just clothes that fit and flatter and express something about me. Have fun finding what makes you smile when you put it on!


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