Friday, July 1, 2011


A Limestone, TN mountains and meadow view.
Some things just go too deep to ever be forgotten.  Some people and places will forever be imprinted on my life so much so that years could never erase the depth and meaning they have in my soul.  They are like roots planted deep.  Roots that could never be gathered.  Roots that bear the weight of stabilizing the grandest forest structure.  I am ever thankful for these roots.

My Tennessee childhood church family is one such root system.  The people of the Limestone Church are responsible for making me the woman I am today.  They were the family that I had everyday.  They taught me and showed me life, love, and the very meaning of loving God.  They were examples and leaders.  They were giving and forgiving.  They were sweet and strong and ever-ready to open their arms to me. 

I miss them.
I will always miss them.

Because of them, I am a country road in TN.  I am a southern hymn sung from the choir loft.  I am the fervent prayer of the preacher man, and the child of the mountain church camp. Though my veins do not share common blood with these people and places, I am found in every one.  My heart will always be wrapped by countryside meadows and mountain views from the church where I spent so many days of my life. 

Oh that I could travel in time and personally thank each one for the imprint they left on my life.  The longing I have to spend the afternoon with every single one and just listen to the wisdom in their voice and heart.  To see the roots that are always there.

I miss them.
I will always miss them.

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