Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a School Girl

I love back to school time. I know that sounds a bit insane, but it is like New Year's for school people.  I love getting things ready and organized.  I love seeing pencils and glue sticks in EVERY store.  I can't wait to get all of Jack's things ready for his big start to 4 year old Kindergarten.  He is super ready for this new adventure.  He is only going 3 days a week, but we all know he is going to LOVE it!  Yeah, we're school people...dorks maybe, but we love school around here! 
Do you remember that line from "You've Got Mail" where he talks of sending a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils?  Well, that makes me smile. Hence, the opening picture.  Matter of fact...I think I might put one out on my desk in a couple of weeks! I can almost smell it now...I bet you can too.
I also love shopping for back to school.  The problem is, I love fall and winter clothes.  I love cable sweaters and trousers.  I love oxfords and corduroys.  I love turtlenecks and trendy trenches.  But...I live in the warm, coastal plains.  We don't even put our flip flops away till November.  I like fall to be fall.  Crisp evenings and crunchy leaves.  Here, we just don't cool off quickly enough for me. Oh well, I digress.
This school girl is ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks.  I am ready for all things academic and seeing the faces of my little students.  It will be very different to pack all my classes into two days, but I am super excited to get the best of both worlds.  I still get to be teacher...and I get to spend most of the week with my babies.  What more could I possibly ask for??

Well...maybe these?  These booties make my heart melt.  I think I could teach music in these shoes.  I think they would be inspiring...

Don't they inspire you to want to learn all about composers and quarter notes?

~B Charmer


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  1. We heart school supplies too. Fortunately, I get to give a lot of them away, and that satisfies most of the need to smell and touch and see all those new supplies. But office supply stores are a year-round weakness for me...the idea of being super-organized and color-coordinated is like a siren's call. Your family should try a trip to the Appalachians in the fall. It's got all the smells and sights your heart is wanting :-) Then you can enjoy wearing those flip flops all the way up to Thanksgiving!


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