Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Circus Act

There is not enough fake beauty in a bottle to ensure self confidence.  Yet, it is ever so tempting to purchase that lovely shade of nail polish because it seems promising.  My bathroom is proof positive that I have given into the idea more than once that a product will transform my exterior.  There is gloss for the dull lips and bronzer for the pale skin.  There is polish for the hair and paste to brighten the smile.  Scrub to soften the feet and shiny bottles full of mystery that might lighten a freckle...(ha that makes me laugh out loud!)  There are products to curl and give body to my hair.  There are potions to straighten and flatten it as well.  I have shampoos and oils, combs and hair dryer attachments.  There are tweezers and clippers and blue shimmery stuff for my eyes....yet underneath it all...

I am still there. 

The freckles, the frizz, the really white skin...and the not-as-white-as-I-would-like teeth.  Some days I dive full force into the bottles in the bathroom and walk out feeling accomplished.  Other days, I simply avoid it all together because I just don't feel like doing the circus act it all requires! Somewhere in the middle lies a happy balance of pretty things and self-acceptance. Somewhere, there is a space that is forgiving of my flaws and allows myself not to stress over the extra fluff that hasn't deflated fast enough since baby number two.  Somewhere out there..is a me that is pretty OK with the reflection in the mirror.

If you see that me...send her my way! I need to get to know her better.  This circus clown is ready to turn in her pooey potions!
~B Charmer

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  1. Solomon (or whoever) had it right: Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting...(Proverbs 31:30) but did he really have to put it like that? *smile*

    Some of the most beautiful women I have known are those whose beauty is not skin deep, and their skin is usually wrinkled anyway. It is the twinkle in their eye, the soft curve of their smile and their (often a little "cushy") warm embrace. They don't dress to impress - their enthusiasm is focused on the world around them.

    That said, many women of a couple generations back would never leave the house without their hair "did" and their lipstick on. So I think we can learn much from them: primp a little just because we're girls and it makes us feel more capable and confident. But expend our energy reflecting a glow on those around us. From following your posts I suspect you're already one of those inner beauty women :-)


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