Friday, July 29, 2011

When You are Four

When you are four Buzz and Woody come to play.

Most times, they bring Bullseye with them.

You can have a night time party!

You tell mom you don't want girls at your party.

When you are four you're all grown up, but mom still remembers you like this.

~ B Charmer

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a School Girl

I love back to school time. I know that sounds a bit insane, but it is like New Year's for school people.  I love getting things ready and organized.  I love seeing pencils and glue sticks in EVERY store.  I can't wait to get all of Jack's things ready for his big start to 4 year old Kindergarten.  He is super ready for this new adventure.  He is only going 3 days a week, but we all know he is going to LOVE it!  Yeah, we're school people...dorks maybe, but we love school around here! 
Do you remember that line from "You've Got Mail" where he talks of sending a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils?  Well, that makes me smile. Hence, the opening picture.  Matter of fact...I think I might put one out on my desk in a couple of weeks! I can almost smell it now...I bet you can too.
I also love shopping for back to school.  The problem is, I love fall and winter clothes.  I love cable sweaters and trousers.  I love oxfords and corduroys.  I love turtlenecks and trendy trenches.  But...I live in the warm, coastal plains.  We don't even put our flip flops away till November.  I like fall to be fall.  Crisp evenings and crunchy leaves.  Here, we just don't cool off quickly enough for me. Oh well, I digress.
This school girl is ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks.  I am ready for all things academic and seeing the faces of my little students.  It will be very different to pack all my classes into two days, but I am super excited to get the best of both worlds.  I still get to be teacher...and I get to spend most of the week with my babies.  What more could I possibly ask for??

Well...maybe these?  These booties make my heart melt.  I think I could teach music in these shoes.  I think they would be inspiring...

Don't they inspire you to want to learn all about composers and quarter notes?

~B Charmer


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Place for Baby

So, I change my mind a lot.  Too much often times.  I changed my mind about the boys sharing a room right now.  Lincoln is a sleeper and Jackson not so much.  Therefore, I came up with plan B.  My "creative space" has now become a place for baby.  Really, it is working quite well.  The boys are both sleeping well and it makes a cozy nursery.  I hated to loose our spare bedroom that has a nice king size bed it in, so for now we have this special place for baby.

I love the patterns.

And, I have a thing for lights.....

It is a cozy little space.

Just right for baby.                                                                                                                       

~B Charmer

Monday, July 25, 2011

I hated to Leave...

This past week took me and the boys to the mountains of North Carolina.  It was lovely...the weather, the barns, and the wild flowers.  These mountains were part of my old stomping grounds as a child.  I haven't been to these towns for many years.  It was so nice...bittersweet kind of nice.

I just love the barns and their painted quilt squares.

The rolling mountainside full of Christmas tree farms...

And the endless little apple butter stands...

It feels like home to me.

~B Charmer 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Circus Act

There is not enough fake beauty in a bottle to ensure self confidence.  Yet, it is ever so tempting to purchase that lovely shade of nail polish because it seems promising.  My bathroom is proof positive that I have given into the idea more than once that a product will transform my exterior.  There is gloss for the dull lips and bronzer for the pale skin.  There is polish for the hair and paste to brighten the smile.  Scrub to soften the feet and shiny bottles full of mystery that might lighten a freckle...(ha that makes me laugh out loud!)  There are products to curl and give body to my hair.  There are potions to straighten and flatten it as well.  I have shampoos and oils, combs and hair dryer attachments.  There are tweezers and clippers and blue shimmery stuff for my eyes....yet underneath it all...

I am still there. 

The freckles, the frizz, the really white skin...and the not-as-white-as-I-would-like teeth.  Some days I dive full force into the bottles in the bathroom and walk out feeling accomplished.  Other days, I simply avoid it all together because I just don't feel like doing the circus act it all requires! Somewhere in the middle lies a happy balance of pretty things and self-acceptance. Somewhere, there is a space that is forgiving of my flaws and allows myself not to stress over the extra fluff that hasn't deflated fast enough since baby number two.  Somewhere out a me that is pretty OK with the reflection in the mirror.

If you see that me...send her my way! I need to get to know her better.  This circus clown is ready to turn in her pooey potions!
~B Charmer

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Snapshots

We were able to get away to the Georgia mountains at the last moment for the holiday.  I think this is our first ever family of four picture!

And my first picture with both boys...

More to come from our trip...there is a storm a brewin' outside!

~ B Charmer

Friday, July 1, 2011


A Limestone, TN mountains and meadow view.
Some things just go too deep to ever be forgotten.  Some people and places will forever be imprinted on my life so much so that years could never erase the depth and meaning they have in my soul.  They are like roots planted deep.  Roots that could never be gathered.  Roots that bear the weight of stabilizing the grandest forest structure.  I am ever thankful for these roots.

My Tennessee childhood church family is one such root system.  The people of the Limestone Church are responsible for making me the woman I am today.  They were the family that I had everyday.  They taught me and showed me life, love, and the very meaning of loving God.  They were examples and leaders.  They were giving and forgiving.  They were sweet and strong and ever-ready to open their arms to me. 

I miss them.
I will always miss them.

Because of them, I am a country road in TN.  I am a southern hymn sung from the choir loft.  I am the fervent prayer of the preacher man, and the child of the mountain church camp. Though my veins do not share common blood with these people and places, I am found in every one.  My heart will always be wrapped by countryside meadows and mountain views from the church where I spent so many days of my life. 

Oh that I could travel in time and personally thank each one for the imprint they left on my life.  The longing I have to spend the afternoon with every single one and just listen to the wisdom in their voice and heart.  To see the roots that are always there.

I miss them.
I will always miss them.

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