Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Tree...

I think I mentioned somewhere that I wasn't going to worry about the tree-like limb that crashed onto our house and landed on our chimney...

     I am working very hard on not worrying about it.  Did I mention that it is still there...hovering just so... balanced by the chimney and the small limb underneath?
     It is supposed to come off on Friday.  I will be relieved, to say the least.  Then, the real work begins...I think it is time to say goodbye to this ancient tree.  It was one of those things that we thought was so lovely when we first looked at the house....the ENORMOUS live Oak that was probably planted shortly after Noah's flood. 
     At the time, I had no knowledge of Live Oaks.  Let me just say this, they are not so lovely.  They are called live because they drop leaves year round.  It is a constant mess.  They also drop nuts, or as Jackson says--"coconuts", everywhere.   When I say drop...I mean monsoon-like leaf dropping all the time.  The leaves are too skinny for most rakes, and too heavy for a blower to work really well.  The best way to move them, we have found, is by spraying them with the pressure washer.  The beauty does not outweigh the constant mess.

     Our lovely Oak is also taking up most of our driveway, runs right through our plumbing, and now is crashing on our house.  We have dealt kindly with it, thus far.  We replaced all the plumbing, learned to live with half a driveway, and endlessly raked and cleaned.  I am done.  But it costs a small fortune to have such a beast removed.  Insurance only goes so far.  It is so frustrating.  Would you like to donate to my tree-removal fund??  Oh, if only...if only....
     So we move onward.  We are looking forward to getting her off our home on Friday.  We may have to chop her down little by little...but she must come down before she lands entirely on our home.  I am not sure why I refer to the tree as "her"...but I think she is like a proud, old lady.  But...pride cometh before a fall! 

Ahh...the tree 

 ~ B Charmer

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