Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Little Cottage Kitchen

The Kitchen...

It has been a long, unending story in this house.  It is tucked in the back of the house, which I am not entirely fond of.  It was a mess when me moved in.  Thinking back to those early days, I remember the water heater in the corner, the stove I only dared to cook on, and the cabinets...ugh.  The memories are not the greatest.  Here is one of the few pictures that I actually have of the kitchen in the beginning.
This picture does not do it justice, really.  That is the water heater in the corner.  And NONE of the cabinet doors would stay closed.  The counters were old bathroom tile and the floor was a green and white commerical tile-like floor.  It was like a floor straight out of an old grocery store or something.  However, it did not have the charm you might imagine. 

To say we were on a shoe-string budget is putting it lightly when we began to really change it around.  We moved all the appliances and purchased new cabinets and counters.  We also put in a new floor, sink, and replaced the fridge and the stove.  We also installed a microwave above the stove.We completely removed the water heater and painted every square inch of the space.  We added a back splash and had to work on the electric everywhere.  It was frustrating making the most of a tiny budget...but in the end, I am OK with my little cottage kitchen.  I am most OK that we did everything for less than $5,000 including all the appliances. 

I was the one responsible for making the new layout.  I had the vision and my husband had the brawn.  He worked very hard in this space.  The kitchen claimed hours of his time, buckets of his sweat, and nearly a toe.  The whole thing was truly an adventure in patience.

I have tweaked things a bit over the years...removed and added.  There are certain issues that I have had to work around that drive me nuts like crooked  and off-centered walls. is finally in the final stages.  We have a couple of touch up projects left to do, and then I will wave the white flag and call her done!

One of my favorite special things about the kitchen is that in the center is the dining room table I grew up with in TN.  This table was mostly constructed by my father after finding it in the old airport where he worked.  We spent many dinners and holidays gathered around this table as kids.  It is sweet to see my boys eating there now.  Oh the thousands of times I have set the table as a girl and now as a mother.  I re-painted and repaired a couple of things and we have enjoyed using it.  Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing this little treasure with me!

So, it isn't the grandest of spaces.  You will not find granite and stainless, but you will always be welcome to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or family meal.  There are lots of things that I would change if I could, but I am enjoying my little cottage kitchen...for now anyways!

--Stop by sometime!

~B Charmer 

PS..I did save the original apron sink.  I wanted to reuse it, but it needs some work. There may come a day when I can do a whammy of a redo---and then I may pull her out!


  1. It's beautiful.You have great taste.I would be proud of that kitchen!

  2. Thanks!
    ...Barb you have been so encouraging and I thought I knew which "Barb" you were. I sent this other Barb an email thanking her for her sweet comments...and she informed me that it wasn't her, and that up to that point she hadn't read my blog! was funny and we had a laugh! If I knew which Barb you were, and i had your email...I would write you! Anyhow, thank you so much for all your kind words. I hope you get this!


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