Saturday, June 25, 2011

In One Year

Today, our baby is three months old!  I was thinking about how different life is now from one year ago.  Thanks to the lovely digital camera, it is so fun to look back over the year that brought us to this day!  Here's to the memories of a year that brought news of a new baby!

Last summer, our first baby turned 3!  We were busy with birthdays and summer fun.

The hot weather days filled our summer, and then we learned that baby number two was on the way!  It wasn't long after that school began again and life settled into a new routine.  The days grew a bit shorter and cooler.  We took a little trip to the mountains to enjoy the fall colors. I remember feeling the baby move for the first time on this trip.

It wasn't long after this, that we welcomed a sweet, little girl into our lives.  My brother and his wife had their first baby, Bailey.  She stole all of our hearts with her chubby cheeks and dark hair!

 The days kept passing, and soon it was time for costumes and candy!
We had so much fun trick or treating with our little lion.  I remember that night realizing that normal clothes were nearly a thing of the past.  I was still in my jeans, but they were being held together by a rubber band, and walking the neighborhood was quite the task! 

The days got really full.  It was nearing the holiday season.  This is when the crazy comes in for me.  Preparing for the school programs and getting ready to celebrate with my family. Many afternoons and evenings were spent at mom's recouping from the hectic days.  This particular day we were enjoying popcorn and taking it easy!

Before we knew it, Christmas decorations started making their appearance.  Holiday songs and twinkle lights were all around.  I remember bundling up my little man for his morning with Grandad and the Christmas parade. Oh- and we found out that another little boy would be joining our family!

It was time for programs.  Nearly six months pregnant, 300 children, and one helper to decorate made for a whirlwind couple of days.  I had 3 different programs and seemingly gazillions of bear masks. My elementary bear program made for some super cute photos.  Somehow, I manged not get any pictures of the middle school program.  The kids worked hard and did great. My little fella was sick as could be ...and he stood by my side the entire day. 

Soon after, we celebrated Christmas.  It was a sweet time for our little family.  We even got snow shortly after the holidays!
Birthday time again....for me.  Turning 31 and a little after school birthday surprise from my mom.  We had chocolate cake and presents.  It was so sweet!
Would you be my Valentine?
And baby just keeps growing....
Just about time!  Let's have a shower!
A couple weeks later, I was directing Spring programs hoping I wouldn't go into labor.  I managed to get through those, and days later we were at the hospital. 
A long day of induction without pain meds.  Ten hours of waiting and laboring...and waiting and laboring.  After a serious discussion from my doctor, we tried the epidural to see if it would let my body get the job done rather than the C section that was threatening.  It did the trick to kick things into high gear, but baby was too far in the birth canal to relieve pain.  Twelve total hours of labor, and 8 minutes of pushing....and Lincoln met the world!
One happy momma....

 One beautiful boy...

In one year, life changed forever.

I can only imagine the years to come. Happy three months little man. 
~ B Charmer~

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