Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good Things..(A Late Night List of Blessings)

*It is in the wee hours of the morning, but my heart is full and I just wanted to write.  It has been a good day when it could have been really rotten.  We have spent the day together as a family in our little home.  I ran errands in town..and was just thrilled to finally start feeling like I belong here.  It has taken 5 long years, but our (notice the possessiveness) town has become home. From our breakfast out to our dinner has been good. 

*It is hot, coastal plain summer weather.  Our house cannot seem to cool itself and our HUGE live oak dropped a GIANT limb on the house in the night...but it is all good.  I have not worried one ounce about it.  That last statement is sooo out of character for me, but it is true.  God has been very good to us and I am confident that this too will pass.  This is why we have insurance, for moments such as this!

*I am looking forward to church in the morning.  I have been so blessed by being a part of this tiny congregation.  They endure my piano playing skills quite well, and we just have a good time worshiping.  I really really am thrilled that this avenue of ministry was opened to us. 

*Our babies have brought me so much joy.  I have so loved these days with my boys.  I have just enjoyed my babies in a way that surprises me.  We have had some issues with Lincoln that ordinarily would stress me out...but I find such happiness wrapping him in my arms, even during the screams, and holding him close to my heart.  This joy just bubbles out and I have these insane thoughts that I could have a house full of babies! 

*My husband loves me...and I can really feel the love deep inside.  The chaos of new baby and all that has transpired these last few days could bring out the ugly in just about anyone...but he still finds time to do the things that show me love.  From trimming the hedges to taking me on a motorcycle is so nice to know, really know-- that he loves me.

*My mother and father are so close.  We get to share in each other's lives on a daily basis.  This is such a good thing.  I am grateful for the time and I will treasure it as long as they stay put ---here in HOT South Carolina.

* I am learning to sew....ahhh so fun!

*The baby is just about sleeping through the night!!!
---OK sleep is calling.  Thank you Lord for Your creative provision for our life.
It is all such...Good things...

.....From my pillow to yours,
~ B Charmer

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  1. I could joke about lack of sleep making you delusional, but I remember those kinds of thoughts. And yes, even when the baby is screaming, sometimes it's still okay. Really okay. Even great, in a strange way. I hope you are blessed by a cool breeze today and the roof gets fixed quickly.


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