Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Favorite Place

Hey...let me show you something!  This is one of my favorite places.  This is the swing on mom's back porch.  It is surrounded by quite possibly the south's largest Hydrangea bush.  This sweet, little pink swing overlooks the garden and the row of backyard cottages down her street.  She has purposely designed her garden around the swing...the prime viewing spot.

The swing is where we sit and solve the world's problems.  It is the place where my babies get lulled to sleep on hot Carolina days.  It is the place to rest after weeding and watering. In the garden's off-season, it is the place to take in the Christmas Parade and to watch the Christmas season roll in as the little Christmas tree lot sets up every Thanksgiving.

This time of year it is the spot to see what's blooming, what can't stand the heat, and what surprises pop up after spreading a package or two of seeds. Right now, it is becoming the spot to drip dry after a dip in the pool....see I told you it was a favorite!

If you are lucky, and the Chocolate Lab is not too excited to see you, you might catch a glimpse of a butterfly up close or the hummingbird that frequents the feeder and the flowers.  Right now, it is THE place for the local honey bees.  Something about seeing these little bee friends makes me happy.  They are always so busy doing their work.  They make the garden come alive. They love the Lavender. The bees are quite charming.

This year we have talked about adding some twinkle lights to the big pecan tree for nighttime soirees.  There is actually an outlet...in the tree!  We spend as much time as the heat allows in this favorite spot.  Dinners pool-side, coffee in the swing, and scheming the next big project.  While it is not my garden, so to speak, it is very much a favorite.

 Stop by sometime...when I am not home, I am usually here...
~B Charmer

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