Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I recently wrote a post about "Good Things" in the middle of the night.  Today, I should write about Great Things!  I am bubbling over today. 

~Do you know that my baby has slept 9 hours a night EVERY night since we got past the breast milk issue?  He is so sweet and precious and goes to bed like a champ!  This is a GREAT thing!  I am so not used to this because his older brother still has sleep issues.  Getting good sleep is priceless for me and my whole family! 

~Another great thing...he is taking off-the-shelf formula like a pro!  I was worried that we would have issues finding a formula for him since he seemed to struggle with my milk, but no such worrying was necessary!  He is happy and putting on some chub!!  The doctor is thrilled with his progress!

~The tree is off the house!  Insurance is replacing our whole roof and the garage roof...which totally surprises me!  Our house has all the struggles that any old house has.  Just think 110 year old home...all the roofs it has ever had...and you get the picture of what we are dealing with.  Not only that, but they are going to replace the original wood shake shingles with new plywood.  So the whole top of our house is coming off!  We are talking major buckaroos...but our insurance is taking care of it.  I really had a peace about it from the get-go, but I had moments where fear crept in.  I knew we could never afford to do the roof our self.  I knew that the work that had to be done would go far beyond the work we are capable of doing.  When I was tempted to really worry, I gave it over to God and told Him to figure it out!  Boy...He sure did figure it out!  I was thinking about the song "Blessings"....the line that says "what if our blessings come through raindrops".  Well, this blessing came through rain and hail--literally!

~Friendship is sweet.  It has taken awhile, but God has sent some really sweet ladies my way.  They have rallied around me when I needed help with Lincoln.  I have piles of things loaned to me, formula coupons, and most recently a baby swing!  I am so thankful for this GREAT thing in my life. 

~Home.  It has been a journey making our town feel like home.  Lately, I have had such a sweet feeling as I go about daily life here.  It was so nice Saturday to take the boys to the park in the center of town for a movie under the stars.  Looking around the crowd and knowing people felt so nice.  Realizing how blessed we are to live here and be able to enjoy all our little city has to offer.  Things like walking to the open air market and knowing our Mayor.  Being able to enjoy Saturday summer nights watching family films outdoors and annual Blue Grass Festivals.  It is a sweet, little town. 

Wow..those are some GREAT things!  I wonder how many times I have looked at my circumstances and not seen clearly the blessings that were hiding behind the obvious.  May my eyes be ever open to see all the Great Things around me.  May my heart be tender towards others so that I can be a blessing to someone else like so many have been to me.... day~

B Charmer 

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