Thursday, May 5, 2011

This Isn't a Dream, Toto!

We are a bit happy here today.

We got some great news.

Really, it is nothing short of answered prayer.

It is a prayer that has been coming full-circle for three years.

Sometime, I will tell you the whole story.  It is really beautiful.

Today, I will tell you that God has provided in a very big way.

Next year, I will be seeing these faces much more!

I am still teaching music.

I am only teaching 2 days a week!

What a blessing!

All of my worries, just melted away in one phone call.

God is good.

The B Charmer has been charmed.


  1. That's wonderful! :) Happy for you, even without knowing the whole story!

  2. That sounds really really good. Less than part time, you're practically going to be a stay at home mommy! Yay!

    Love, Michelle

  3. What a blessing indeed.


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