Monday, May 2, 2011

I Spy No More

Do you wear your spy glasses like I do
Always looking for the better..the new
Do they ever seem to get in your way
And cause you to stumble throughout the day

Do you find it hard to put them away
Do they stay on your eyes both night and day
Do you sometime wish to leave them behind
Only to find them back on your eyes

Do you seem to feel like they're skewing your view
Taking your time and joy right from you
For all you can see is the better- the new
But never the way to make it come true

Are your lenses cracked and collecting dust
Are the hinges showing signs of rust
Do you feel like they are on you to stay
A permanent fixture that won't go away

The better- the new gets old to wish for
The glasses are heavy, I want them no more
I am trying to pry them off of my eyes
And see clearly again the truth in my life

I shouldn't have bought these glasses you see
I am pretty sure the salesman was lying to me
When he put these lenses over my eyes
I bought into the beauty of all of his lies

He promised me that if I wore them each day
Beautiful things would soon come my way
He said the glasses would help me to see
All of the "things" missing from me

But all I can see with these glasses of mine
is wanting and wishing and wasted time
I look so empty and boring to me
through the lenses of these glasses belonging to me

So I've made up my mind you see
I'm returning these glasses that just aren't for me
I am tired of wanting and wishing for naught
I am ready to focus on the things that I've got

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