Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Closet that Could

I have the tiniest cloests.  Period.  We have lived in our home for five years, and I have spent a great deal of that time trying to figure out how to make them work hard for us.  I feel like I am the master of tiny closet design at this point!  Today, I worked on the closet in our boys' room.  Our little guys are sharing a room, and sharing this TINY or should I say tiny closet.  I have had different organizer thingys and doo dads of all sorts, but I have found that the best use of space in this old house is plain ole ingenuity. 

I will take you on a tour of this tiny closet....if you promise to overlook the need for the thing to be painted.  I will paint it, eventually.  Right now, I just had to get the newest addition's belongings put away!

As you can see from the picture, this is a tiny space.  The deminsions are as follows:

The door is only 23 inches wide.
The closet is only 17 inches deep.
It has a width of 56 inches with a height of almost 6 feet. 

Now...take these deminisions and make 3 closests the same, and you get the entire closet space in our WHOLE house!  One each for our 3 bedrooms.  --Told you we had THE smallests closets around!


I have had hanging rods put all directions in this space, but I have found that doing 4 short ones gets me the most usuable space along with the ability to actually step in the closet and see what I am looking for.
Today, I added a small plate rack shelf that came with the original bathroom or something...It is just the right depth for kid shoes.  I am proud to say that one of the skills that I have aquired over the years is the mastery of the Dewalt.  I think I might love this drill...it works hard for me!

I also added some hooks that I took out of the ceiling in our laundry room to hang backpacks and hats on.  I have room to add more hooks or another shelf should the need arise. We even have room for a couple of favorite toys in the bottom. 

Now...what to do when the boys grow.....

~B Charmer


  1. Great use of space Leah! I love the little shelf idea.

  2. You are good at organizing. I learned to do that, too. It always made me feel good that I good organize & thus be content with the home God provided at that time. I was either selling unneeded or items or donating them on a bi-monthly basis.


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