Friday, April 8, 2011

A Weighty Issue

     So, it has been two weeks since we had little Lincoln.  To say that I am anxious to loose the poundage that comes with the package deal is an understatement!  I felt pretty good about my weight gain with this baby.  My first baby brought about 50 pounds of extra padding!  Thankfully, I was eventually able to loose all of that.  With Lincoln, I only gained 35 pounds.  That 15 pounds difference really goes along way!  I feel amazingly better than I did with Jack.  I think overall I am just in a lot better shape with this baby.  Singing and dancing with children all day is certainly a big help in this area. I laugh when I recall my spring programs just 10 days prior to Lincoln's birth.  I was one waddling, dancing lady in front of hundreds of kids!  But, even then, I knew it was good for me-despite the great discomfort!
     Now, I am ready to remove the extra baggage and get ready for summer!  So, I thought I would let B Charmer help me in the accountability area.  Since I had Lincoln on a Friday, I will check in on Fridays with my progress.  I have a couple of goals.  The first goal is to loose the baby weight.  I am hoping to do this by the six week checkup.  I know that might sound a bit over zealous, but that is what goals are about, right?  I am already well on my way.  So, I think it is doable. 
     My second goal is to loose an additional 18 pounds by Jack's summer pool party.  These lovely 18 pounds have been hanging around too long.  I put these lovely pounds on a few years ago when I was on a medicine for a short time....and they never really decided to leave me!  So, they have been around LONG ENOUGH!  I am really motivated, and hope to see some progress on these enemies of mine! are the stats for this Friday:
Week 2
Goal 1
Total weight lost  so far- 16 pounds!
Total to go for goal 1- 19 pounds
Time remaining- 4 weeks

Here's hoping next Friday will have some progress as well!!

~ B Charmer~

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