Friday, April 22, 2011

The Simple Home

     Today is a quiet rainy day here in our little town.  We are staying cozy indoors enjoying the glow of lamp light.  I feel like each time I look out the window, every green thing just gets greener.  Spring is here and it is so nice.  The trees have filled out with leaves and colors are popping up everywhere.  I am anxious to get in the yard tomorrow and accomplish much. 
     In all my projects for our home, the thought running in the background is always...moving.  We know that this house is not our forever home.  It has been an adventure conquering this ole gal of a house.  We have spent great energy on this home, but we are not emotionally attached in the smallest of ways.  We have learned that we are not "restorers" at heart---at least not in the way we have "restored" this home. 
     Sometimes, I get anxious wanting to know when the move will come.  I would pack up today if the seller would knock on the door.  Barring a miracle, I am quite positive this will not happen today.  So, we keep working and trying to get our home ready to sale--or to enjoy-- should we find ourselves having to stay put.  I feel we are in the homestretch--which has me thinking about the next home. 
     Most people would think that the next house should always be a step up.   Most think bigger house, larger yard, and more space.  I used to be one of those people---before we moved into this house.  This house is not big, at all.  It is a one level, 3 bed, 2 bath home.  The closets are laughable...really.  The "character" of the house takes away a lot of  usable space.  Each room has a fireplace taking one whole wall, and each room has several doors leading to the next rooms.  This is quite limiting when trying to make the most of a space.  However, in the five years we have lived here, I have learned the art of downsizing.  I have made my closets work and work hard.  I have learned that having "stuff" just means you have to find a place to put it!  Simplifying our life and our belongings has been a lesson in and of itself.  I find myself loving a more simplified life, and I am always looking for ways to simplify even more. 
     I long to live in a small, well-built home.  I want this home to be very easy to maintain and not be demanding of my time and money.  I want it to be comfortable, cozy, and lovely....but just big enough for our family.  I want the focus of our days to be on our family, our neighbors, and the people around us.  I want to be able to spend my time on the important things of life...not on houses and "stuff".  I want to be in a neighborhood where my boys can play outside with friends and be safe in the front yard. 
     I have picked the street, the school zone, and possibly even the house....except I am not in a position to do anything about it!  Everytime I pass this little home, I think of the little jewlry box that has the little pop-up dancing ballerina.  I am not sure why this comes to mind...but I guess I see it as a little jewel.  It represents something that seems to be "good" for our family.  Now, convincing my husband to go even smaller on a home will take some work!  But, I think he is on the same page as me in many ways.  Ahh--if only we could make it a reality. 
     So, it is off to work yet another weekend on this ole house.  Here is to hoping it all means something...that this home would find a new owner soon, and that my little "ballerina" house that has been on the market for over a year...will still hang in there and wait on our little family to claim it.  ---Or that something even better will be awaiting us when the time is right.

May your weekend be full of good things and the people you love!  
~B Charmer

...Friday Weigh-in

Goal 1
This week's weight loss = 2 pounds
Total lost since Lincoln was born = 20 pounds
Total to go for goal one= 15 pounds
Time remaining...2 weeks...yeah...probably wont happen!  But, I will keep on working!

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