Friday, April 15, 2011


Indulge me please on this post of numbers.  These are some numbers that have been swirling around my head these days....

3- My tiny, little fella turns 3 weeks old today!  Can someone please push pause on the time here???

3-In three months, my first baby will be 4!!  We are already looking at cake ideas for mommy to conquer.

8.5- Yep...that would be months until Christmas, yet I am already working on Christmas program ideas for the next school year.  I can never start early enough!!

2- The pairs of jeans that I can wear that are in my pre-baby clothes closet!  This thrills me beyond words...which is ridiculous, but denim is my friend!

80- The rough estimate of the number of miles I will drive today to complete all the errands on my list....ugh is the word that comes to mind.

4- The longest number of hours that I slept in a row last night...but I am not complaining because 4 is a blessing!

AND  Finally....

2- The pounds I have lost this week.  Not awesome, but it is a loss!  So here are my stats this week on the weight loss goals:

Total pounds lost since baby boy was born- 18
Total to go for goal #1-17
Weeks left- 3

With all the number thinking, I cannot help to think about the days.  In reality, time is so short.  Days pass so quickly, and then suddenly you find yourself counting years.  It is my honest heart's desire to make my days count for something.  Sometimes, it seems as if my days are nothing more than feeding, diapering, and playing with boys...but raising children is a beautiful thing.  I hope some day my boys will look back on their childhood with fondness and know that their mother tried to make those days count!

Here is a picture of ten of the cutest little toes you will ever see!

~ B Charmer~

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