Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Normal Pants and Donkey Cows

     Well, today was a small adventure for me and the boys.  We had some things to take care of, so we spent the day on the town just the three of us.  It was the first time I have taken them out by myself for an extended time. While the time seems to fly when I am gazing into baby's eyes, it seems to drag when I realize I have not driven my car in two weeks.  Of course today, it is rainy and windy and the task of taking a newborn out on a day like today just gets a bit more complicated...but we did it anyway!
     Our first stop today was a visit to what will probably be Jack's new preschool next year.  He had to do some testing to see if he "qualified" for their 4 year old program.  Sitting there, as his mother, watching him was so interesting.  I have spent these last three years pouring all of the knowledge I can muster into my little child, and now his job was to show what he knew.  It did my heart good to hear him count and pick out letters and colors.  He breezed through it all.  He almost went through some of it in Spanish, but he changed his mind.  The only thing that tripped him up did nothing more than crack me up.  They showed him a picture of a cow and asked him what animal was he looking at?  He thought...and said ummm....that is a donkey-horse-cow that says moo!  I couldn't help but giggle out loud.  He was a bit confused by this "cartoonish" cow, but he was sure it mooed! 
     After his test, we decided it was the perfect time for him to get his very own library card...because every 3 year old needs his own card!  He was so excited.  We walked in the library, filled out the paper work, then had  his little heart crushed.  Imagine my surprise when I was told that he had to have his birth certificate with  him to get a card!  Since I do not carry that in my diaper bag, we were not able to get his card.   Since when did such paperwork become a requirement to borrow books? I think when we return, I may bring his shot records just in case!
     In other ground-breaking news...all day, I have been wearing normal pants!  That's right...no elastic- panel- maternity- nightmare- suspender -needing-contraption pants...just normal pants!  Yes, they are snug.  Yes, the buttons are taunt...but oh the joy of a waist-band!  The world is a better place in normal pants. 
Signing off...in my normal pants...
~ B Charmer

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