Monday, April 25, 2011

I Couldn't Resist!

We pulled out a camera yesterday that we haven't used in quite some time.  We LOVE the quality of the pictures it takes, but it devours...DEVOURS batteries.  However, we wanted some good Easter pictures.  When my husband turned it on, we found pictures from 2009 that we had not downloaded.  There were some cuties...and I couldn't resist posting some of my first how he has grown!!  This post is mostly for me...because of course I could look at pictures of my fellas all day!

By the way...any battery suggestions to make this camera more usable??

~ Still to come....A post on the Sidewalk!!  My wonderful husband worked so very hard on it all day Saturday.  I absolutely love it.  I just have to snap a few more pictures!
~B Charmer

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