Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Garden Plans

Guess who got a loaner tiller??  That can only mean one thing..I am about to get dirty!

Here are the plans~

I am finally making a sidewalk!  My front lawn is begging for one. The current plan is an edged walk filled with small gravel.  I want it to look like a lovely foot path to the picket fence and gate. This picture to the left is my sidewalk inspiration...well kind of my whole garden inspiration.  

The Fence!
I have picked out my fence and bargained with my husband for the labor. It is amazing what the purchase of a motorcycle can get a gal! He has been saving and scoping for awhile. I have been somewhat hesitant, but we made a deal...a bike for a fence...and we are both happy as could be about it! My fence is a simple straight picket.  It is white vinyl.  I went with this fence because it never needs painted, and it should last forever.  I am also putting in a little gate at the end of our new side walk leading to the city sidewalk.  I am so anxious to see it all done.  I have been wanting this fence for five years!!  
Finally, I am filling the garden with plants.  Right now, I only have plumbago, rosemary, and Mexican sage to plant.  I do have some lovely rose bushes that came with the house.  Other than that, the yard is somewhat bare.  However, today I am taking the boys and my mother on a plant field trip.  Hopefully, we will return with more goodies at good prices!   

So, this weekend...expect to find me with dirty hands and a glowing face!  I can't wait to turn my yard into a garden.  I wish you could all stop by and enjoy the roses with me! My bushes are about to burst with blooms!   I can't wait to show them off to you all...
~B Charmer

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