Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dream a Little Dream

It is Thursday, and it has been awhile since I posted a daydream about without further adieu~
          Today ,let's dream about this cute outfit from Dress Barn!

And since I have been on "house arrest" for two weeks, I plan to take myself in my cute little outfit for some retail Ikea!  And, I plan to eat a cinnamon roll at the end of my shopping trip! 

If you come along, I'll share a bite or two!

~ B Charmer


  1. Where did you purchase that cute clothing?You have a good sense of style. And by the way congrats to you!!! I think you are going to snap back better than ever.

  2. Oh...well I forgot to post that part!! I "wish" I purchased the thursday posts sometimes are about things I wish for :) This whole outfit was a product of playing on the new Dress Barn website! They now offer online shopping! Thanks for the kind words!!

  3. Well that's okay anyway.That outfit rocks!!!:)

  4. Wanted to say too I really enjoy your blog!


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