Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back In the Book

     Wow...the days are whirling by! They always go too fast when you want to treasure them. I could write volumes on life with a new little one and adjusting to having two. It would be supremely interesting only to me, so I will spare you all the details. Suffice it to say, we are doing really well as a family of four. Things have been much more calm and simple than I expected and spending my days with my little fellas is highly fulfilling. One thing that I have been finding a lot of joy in is creating a "school" time for my oldest. He is missing his time at nursery school, so I have been determined to give him as much as I can at home. We have our morning chores, table time, learning games, and even recess and naptime....well, we attempt naptime. Naps and Jack have never been on friendly terms.
     The baby has been adjusting to life with us pretty well. He is still a little doll and very calm. However, he has assured me on numerous occasions that he can cry quite veraciously, if needed! Everyday, his personality comes through more and more. His name seems so fitting as the days progress. He loves to keep this intensely serious face for the greater part of his waking and sleeping hours. He seems to be keenly taking in his environment.
     In the midst of the new, we have tried to maintain some semblance of the old routine for our eldest. Last night, we were having our usual bedtime struggle of "I am not sleepy", and "oh, but you are". In between the tears and the pleas for more time out of bed, we had our Bible story. The story was on the Last Supper, and my son seemed to have a million questions that had nothing to do with what we were reading...such as does God have a beard, why did Judas turn to a bad guy, and can we fly to heaven right now? All the while, I am trying to get through the story and get him to sleep. He was holding our bookmark that we use to keep our place every night in the Bible. It is actually an old Christmas photo of his cousins. He was hiding it under his covers while I was pretending not to notice so that we could finish. Once we were through, I asked for the bookmark. At this point it was quite crumpled. He thought this was the end of the world. Amidst the tears and saying sorry, I told him it would be fine...that it would straighten out once it was back in the book. This simple statement hit me like a rock.
     How many times in my life have I found myself tired, frustrated, worried, fearful, and discouraged? Most of those times can be marked with a clear separation between me and God and my ability to allow things to get in the way of my relationship with Him. Amazingly, things seem to always straighten back out once I find myself- "back in the Book". Why do I wander away without barely noticing? These busy days and long nights have taken some of my routine. I fear I am starting to resemble the crumpled bookmark that needs to find her place safely between the pages of The Word. So, with a renewed vision...I am nestling myself in The Book. May you find yourself snugly wrapped in The Book as really does work!

~B Charmer

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