Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome to Our World

     Friday, we welcomed our second son into the world.  Lincoln joined our family at 6:11 pm after an eventful day.  Words cannot describe how precious it has been enjoying this little person.  He is in all ways perfect and beautiful.  He is so very calm and relaxed and content with just about anything. He is so tiny and new.  He fills my arms and my heart each moment with such happiness.  We all love him dearly.  Little Lincoln, as we all have been calling him, fits right in with his rambunctiouss brother!  He seems to be lulled to sleep by the never-ending sounds of Jackson.  It is kind of comical.  The louder Jackson is, the harder Lincoln sleeps! 
 Lincoln's Birth Story
     As you know, I really struggled with the decision to allow the induction that my doctor recommended for Friday.  I nearly canceled it Thursday afternoon, but after much thought, prayer, and discussion, we went ahead with the schedule. 
     We arrived at the hospital at 5 am.  I was admitted, examined, and on my way by 5:45.  I was really thrilled to know that I was already at 4 cm.  I was certain that things would flow smoothly and quickly.  The meds were already kicking in.  I had decided I would simply labor naturally even though I was getting the Pitocin.  I felt pretty good, and I was tolerating the pain pretty well. 
     When the doctor returned at 9:00, I was anxious to hear my progress.  Nothing...not one bit of progress.  He wanted to break my water, but was unable to do the position of my cervix.  This lovely position was the beginning of a long day.  They decided to increase the medication in hopes to speed things along.
     The contractions got stronger, and were in a good pattern.  At 11:00, the doctor returned to find...nothing.  This time, they broke my water even though it was not exactly where they wanted things.  The pain factor increased greatly at this point.  Stronger, longer, and closer together was the game for the rest of the afternoon.  The cervical checks became nearly impossible to bear.  Something wacky was up with the position of things.
     At 3:00, they decided to stop the medication to try to give my body a chance to relax and help things along.  It was suggested that I take the epidural to help in this area as well.  I really did not want to do this because I had made it this long without.  But, I was looking at a C Section in about 2 hours if nothing changed.  So, I agreed. The epidural did give me a much needed break, however it was only working on the top half of things.  The pain and pressure in my pelvis never changed.  They tried to increase it, but it was determined that the baby was too low. It did, however, allow things to finally progress.  In about an hour and a half, I went from 4 cm to complete.  I was feeling the overwhelming urge to push and the enormous burning sensation of baby on its way.  I was definitely feeling the entire aspect of natural birth.  It say the least.  My mother thankfully hurried the nurse in as I was verbally reminding everyone that I HAD TO PUSH!  Sure enough, doctor came in, and baby came out.  My mom left the delivery room at 6:02 and Lincoln was born at 6:11.  I thought sure I pushed for at least 2 hours, but it was only nine minutes.  I don't think I could have pushed another second.  I gave it all I had.  I told my husband that I simply couldn't do it.  And he already did!  And just like that our little Lincoln came calmly into the world.  It really was a miracle. 
     The whole experience was overwhelming.  In many ways I am grateful that I felt every drop of the pain of bringing him into the world.  I know that sounds insane, but the feeling of holding him in my arms after that experience equals nothing in my life.  Words cannot describe that moment.  It was crazy painful but crazy beautiful. I was out of bed in no time and doing really well. The epidural accomplished a delivery without a C section, yet in its failure allowed  me to have what I was hoping for in the end...amazing how things works sometimes.  God heard my prayers in that room waiting on our son.  It did not happen how I expected, but we have a beautiful son to be so thankful for. 
     These days at home with him have been so sweet.  We are a little tired, and we are learning how to care for a newborn all over again, but he is such a tiny, little precious gift.  We choose Lincoln as his name despite the popular demand for Joshua.  He just looked like a little Lincoln to us.  Not that he resembled the president in any way, but it just fit.  My husband picked this name months ago, and when we held seemed perfect for our little fella. 
     We think our boys are beautiful...makes me wonder if we wouldn't make a pretty little girl someday .....
Just something to think about....
~ B Charmer

Brothers and Cousins

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