Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random Daydreams

Today is Thursday...where I wistfully post things that I am daydreaming about.  My daydreams are a bit all over the place today.  I usually like to let it all tie together somehow, but today I am not even going to try!  Today, I am just going to enjoy thinking about some randomness that makes me smile.

First, I am ready to be a bit normal know, like have a waistline and be able to wear strappy heels again.  That has me thinking of gym dates and new hairdos!  I would love to be able to pull of this cute bob!  I would even go for darkening my hair...I think.  Although, a cute red bob wouldn't be bad!  I have come to the conclusion though that most adorable bob cuts are on really tiny people.  I ....have...a go.... BUT I will be shrinking soon, hopefully!

Quite opposite of that dream where I am sweating away the pounds and having makeovers done....I could enjoy a whole day watching my favorite girl-hood movies!  The Anne movies. has been so long!  I can't even find a place to rent them right now!  What is up with that??  I adored these books and films as a girl, and it would be fun to curl up on the couch and revisit my youth a bit.  Surely, you have seen them!

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Avonlea

So, after my makeover and movie madness, I would be cute as a button, well-rested, and on my way to deliver the baby!  Sounds like a good day to me!---and you know I would be super-woman labor lady.  I would have that baby lickity split, not too much pain and effort, and we would all be rosy-cheeked and posed for our first family photo!  Our house would be sparkling from top to bottom when we returned home, and the pantry so well-stocked we could eat in for months!  Ahh..the bliss...

I guess I better head home, work on the laundry and dishes instead!  Maybe I can find an Anne movie somewhere!! 

Happy Thursday ~ B Charmer!


  1. Love the Anne books but haven't seen any of the movies.


  2. So, I've been longing to see the Anne movies recently. But, I feel as though it isn't as much fun watching them by myself. Too bad we don't live near each other :( Melissa

  3. Netflix has them! I just checked!


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