Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreams Postponed

So, I did not do my usual "Dreamy Thursday" post yesterday.  But, Friday is a good day for dreaming away, so buckle-up and join me...

We will start here, British Columbia!
I have long been in love with this part of the world...hoping maybe there will be some great reason to move there, someday!  Hmmm.... I think a nice walk with a hot cup of coffee, my son, and the new baby would be a perfect way to start a weekend.

Of course, the new baby would be riding along in this sweet, little carriage!

After my stroll, it would be time to return home and get ready for a night out.  Of course, some darling friend would be watching the children while my husband and I take off for a dinner out and a show.  I think I will wear this fun, little dress tonight!

We would return home and find the kids cozy in their beds just awake enough for goodnight kisses.  Once they were off in dreamland, I would snuggle up in this cloud-like bed.

Of course, we would wake up with the boys jumping in the bed with us and pancakes to be made in the kitchen!
I think I will throw on this little apron and serve up breakfast in these little lovelies!

Have a dreamy weekend!
~ B Charmer

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  1. Very dreamy - loooove the dress you picked out for your dream date!


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